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    Over recent years BigSoccer members have done some tremendous work in posting up a variety of lists, awards, player ratings and other information that has proven invaluable for research purposes.

    I often find it difficult to keep track of what we have on this forum, so I thought it would be useful creating a "one stop shop" to direct posters to find all these great nuggets of information. I'm sure I will have missed some fantastic stuff so please do let me know and I can add it to the list.

    Serie A rankings by msioux75

    Placar (Brazil) rankings by schwuppe

    Dutch players of the year by Puck Van Heel

    Belgian players of the year by Puck Van Heel

    El Grafico ratings of Argentina by Veganón-rankings-of-argentinean-football.1862688/

    La Liga rankings by msioux75

    The top 50 foreigners in Ligue 1 history by Puck Van Heel

    Kicker rankings from 1955-2010 by Gregoriak

    Bundesliga ratings of Kicker by Gregoriak

    60 World Class German Players by Gregoriak

    ESM players of the month by schwuppe, comme and arriaga

    The best South American players of the 50s and 60s by msioux75

    The best South American players of the 70s by msioux75

    The best South American players of the 80s by msioux75

    The best South American players of the 90s and 2000s by msioux75

    European Football Yearbook's top 100 players of the season by comme

    The Gerd Muller goal story by Gregoriaküller-goal-story.899630/

    Johan Cruyff - Complete record of matches played and goals scored by Puck Van Heel

    Marco van Basten at Ajax by Puck Van Heel

    Historic World Wide Ballon d'Or 23 Player Short Lists by Tom Stevens

    Guerin Sportivo World Player of the Year 1979-1986 by Vegan

    Onze d'Or Player of the Year award by Vegan and Raute

    Wisden Footballers of the Year by Various

    Ballon d'Or - The Complete Listing by comme

    Old Great Player Lists by Puck van Heel

    Unofficial European XIs 1971-80 by Puck van Heel

    Kicker Bundesliga All-Time Positional Ranking (1983) by Raute

    IFB's Top 300 legends (1983) by Puck van Heel

    Didi and his troubled stint in Spain by Onceí-and-his-troubled-stint-in-spain.2009693/

    Mitropa Cup 1927-40 by Tom Stevens

    Placar Greatest Footballers (1981 and 1999) by Puck van Heel
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    GREAT idea to post links to these in one central resource, comme... :thumbsup:!!
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    Good idea Comme!
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    I wanted to look at how ratings confirm with actual results and calculated their correlation (avg. rating of team compared to their points/GD).

    I just took some random seasons from Kicker, whoscored and DbsCalcio because they all have avg. team ratings so I don't have to calculate them.
    The first two looked pretty good with about 0.9 each, DbsCalcio was just about 0.5.

    This was the season I looked at and it should be obvious without any calculation that this is odd.–83_La_Liga

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