Lee Geum-min @ Manchester City 2019-2020 [R]

Discussion in 'Korean Players Abroad' started by victoriabrono, Aug 7, 2019.

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    Don't read the comments. Ugh...
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    Social media aren't getting any smarter

    Manchester City fans confuse new female South Korean player for male recruit on social media, sparking racist remarks
    https://www.scmp.com/sport/football...-confuse-new-female-south-korean-signing-male (Archived)
    Those people are Cancelo'd

    football :D

    Lee scored as a substitute in her third appearance at Man City, after replacing Canada's Janine Beckie on 71':

    Man City 3-0 Birmingham City https://womenscompetitions.thefa.com/en/Article/Man-City-Birmingham-City-121019

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    Not as simple as it looks, imo. Volley off a bouncing ball.
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    Um I thought she was a guy too. Let's be honest you'll find a 100 guys that look exactly like that on a Korean street.

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