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    Mar 3, 2004

    Please see the FIFA & Tournaments Board FAQ.

    Match Threads

    General match discussion should take place in the pre and post match threads. This helps prevent spoilers and cuts down on redundant threads. However, if there's a highly specific match related topic you'd like to pursue then it makes sense to start a thread for it.


    A spoiler is something that reveals the result of a match without fair warning. All thread titles should be neutral and if a result is stated or implied within the content of a thread then the title must also include an [R]. (For a detailed explanation of spoilers click this link.) Posting spoilers during the World Cup may result in your posting privileges being restricted.


    The Group A moderators are: Horsehead, os_mutante, Umar. These are the primary moderators for this group board and they will take care of most of the day to day business here.

    The general World Cup moderators are: Caesar, SwissGCZ, bungadiri, comme. These are primarily responsible for the various general World Cup boards and secondarily responsible for the group boards.

    The Super Moderators are: Ismitje, Txtriathlete, BuffloSoldier, Prenn, TallTowerMan, Horsehead. These are primarily responsible for overseeing the moderation of the site. If you have concerns about moderator conduct please contact one of them or post a thread in the Customer Service forum.

    Country Boards, Links, Information & More

    Please post country specific threads on the country specific forums below. This forum is primarily for general discussion of the 2010 World Cup, rather than specific discussion about individual teams.

    CAF Forum (South Africa)
    Mexico Forum
    Uruguay Forum
    France Forum

    Please post off-the-field discussion in the Fans & Travel forum.

    Similarly, discussion involving prior or future World Cups should go on the general FIFA & Tournaments board.
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    Mar 3, 2004
    If you don't know what trolling and flaming are then please read the FAQ. Even if you are a longtime member of BigSoccer it bears refreshing.

    Please do not respond to a troll or a flame and never quote inflammatory posts as this only perpetuates the problem.

    Instead you should always report trolling and flaming. By reporting posts (and posters) you ensure the mods see problems in a timely manner.

    You can report a post by clicking the "[​IMG]" button next to the offending post. Just say a word or two about what's wrong with the post (or poster) and send the report. The mods will deal with it ASAP.

    Also, as some of you know, if you troll or flame once too many times you will be banned from the WC2010 forums. What's once too many? It's one time more after you've already been warned by private message. (If you don't check your private messages regularly that's your problem.)

    Got questions? Please feel free to ask in this thread.

    Happy posting!

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