Computer display and graphics problem.

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Gman60000, Jun 30, 2005.

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    Hello again (unfortunately for most of you and me) having used the quick restore disks on my incredibly obsolete computer (500 some-odd megahertz, AMD-K7 processor, 128 MB ram, and a 30 gig hd WINDOWS 98, but I'm sorry I'm not subject or really capable to change any of these at this exact moment, in the future maybe but I'm without the chance now.) Ok with all of that said I fixed the constant looping I had with my reinstall attempt by going into Safe mode and turning off all start up functions using a selective startup I believe it was. So in turn when I logged back into the normal mode everything was ok and it basically stated the quick restore was over, I'm still not sure though. AND when I went back to normal mode w/everything turned off the graphics are stuck on 16 bit and 640x480 display IT WILL NOT CHANGE! I go to properties on the desktop and settings towards the far right and change them to something more desirable then reboot but it will not change...I go to advanced and tinker around and it still will not change. I'm stumped on that I'm afraid it is b/c I'm using a selective startup having checked everything off but it is the only way to stop the quick restore from running and if I recheck everything and go back to normal mode it will 100% return and therefore I'll have to restart everything! Damn this computer! But thanks for anything you can help me with if you can.
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    make sure you have the correct driver for the video card
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    Yup. May even need to crack the case and eyeball the sucker to get the right model. I've been there.

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