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    Welcome to the main discussion thread for our Fantasy All-Time World Cup tournament.

    Participants (other than myself)
    @Excape Goat @Perú FC @thebigman @La-Máquina @msioux75 @Titanlux @poetgooner

    Normal World Cup tournament, with 32 teams drawn into 8 groups, and a knockout phase with a second round, quarter-finals, semi-finals, 3rd place play-off and Final. Line-ups will be provided by the team selectors for each game and submitted along with brief tactical details if necessary via PM to myself. I'll be starting PMs with each participant for this purpose shortly.

    Votes will also be submitted via the PMs (although anyone is free to reveal their votes on this thread, in part or in full, after results are announced each week, or after the tournament is finished) for games not involving our own teams - feel free to choose scorelines and suggest who might score the goals and who might assist them, and when they might be scored. The final results will be determined from the concensus, considering all votes for each game.

    We will be aiming to have line-ups submitted by each Sunday, and votes received by each Wednesday. I will confirm the line-ups for each fixture on Mondays, and post results on Thursdays. Deadlines will be posted in here throughout the tournament.

    Selection Rules
    At least 16 players in a squad must be used in the group stages (either as a starter or a substitute - see below). If a team plays 7 games (ending with the 3rd place play-off or the Final) then all 23 players need to have been used, so any player who hasn't been selected before the final game would need to be selected in that one. It's fine to use all 23 players before that point, or even in the group stage.

    Allowed substitutions
    When line-ups are submitted, up to 2 pre-determined substitutions can be specified too. One sub can be brought on for the second half, and one sub can be brought on after 70 minutes. Everyone will see which subs will be entering each game and when, before submitting votes

    23 player squads have been selected, and I'll post them all in here soon for easy access. Please refrain from posting in here until all 32 squads have been shown.

    Line-ups, results, updates and fixtures
    Another thread will be opened for these things, and a link will be placed in here. I will show which players from each squad still need to be used after the group stage, and each knockout round in that thread too, and I'll also confirm how many new players need to be used in the 3rd group games for each squad (to mean at least 16 players have been used after that game).
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    Like I said, the next posts following in this main discussion thread will be to confirm all the squads - shown in group order according to the draw which is as follows (team selector in brackets):

    Group #1
    competitor #1: B. Benelux-A (La-Maquina)
    competitor #2: A. Argentina-B (poetgooner)
    competitor #3: D. Poland (Excape Goat)
    competitor #4: C. Uruguay (msioux)

    Group #2
    competitor #1: D. Hungary (PDG1978)
    competitor #2: B. France-B (thebigman)
    competitor #3: C. Rest of South America-A (msioux)
    competitor #4: A. Italy-B (Titanlux)

    Group #3
    competitor #1: D. Yugoslavia (PDG1978)
    competitor #2: C. Rest of the World (Excape Goat)
    competitor #3: B. British Isles-A (thebigman)
    competitor #4: A. Spain (poetgooner)
    Group #4
    competitor #1: C. Italy Reserves (PDG1978)
    competitor #2: D. Bulgaria-Romania (La-Maquina)
    competitor #3: B. Benelux-B (poetgooner)
    competitor #4: A. Argentina-A (msioux)
    Group #5
    competitor #1: D. Austria (Titanlux)
    competitor #2: B. British Isles-B (poetgooner)
    competitor #3: A. Portugal (Excape Goat)

    competitor #4: C. Africa (Peru FC)
    Group #6
    competitor #1: D. Soviet Union (La-Maquina)
    competitor #2: B. Germany-B (Peru FC)
    competitor #3: C. Spain Reserves (Titanlux)
    competitor #4: A. Brazil-A (thebigman)
    Group #7
    competitor #1: B. Germany-A (Peru FC)
    competitor #2: D. Fennoscandia (PDG1978)
    competitor #3: C. Brazil Reserves (thebigman)
    competitor #4: A. Italy-A (Titanlux)
    Group #8
    competitor #1: D. Czechoslovakia (Excape Goat)
    competitor #2: C. Rest of South America-B (msioux)
    competitor #3: B. France-A (La-Maquina)

    competitor #4: A. Brazil-B (Peru FC)
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    Important extra details - please read


    - Goalkeeper selection: 2 goalkeepers in each squad must both play at least 45 minutes in the group stage. If you have selected a 3rd goalkeeper in a squad he will only be required to play a minimum of 20 minutes, like any other squad player (in a group game if preferred, but it can be in a knockout game although keep in mind that if a goalkeeper enters a knockout game after 70 minutes he could also play extra-time and even take part in a penalty shoot-out!)

    - Knockout stage voting: If you choose a draw after 90 minutes for any games in this phase, please add details of how you see extra-time going and if necessary the penalty shoot-out too.

    Submission of line-ups
    Here is an example line-up (it is actually one of the opening line-ups for a team I am managing, which is ok to show as a preview since Excape Goat has also already decided his opening line-up for that game)
    (Subs to be used: Handanovic after 45 minutes for Beara, Asanovic after 70 minutes for Jugovic)
    If you want to use the same website, here is the home page:
    Feel free to use a different football formations website of your choice though.

    Alternatively you can show your line-up in the PM in this kind of format:
    Beara; Gudelj, Katalinski, Zebec, Jarni; Jugovic; Stojkovic, Boban; Savicevic, Dzajic; Boksic (but please indicate how wide various players would line up, or if you would be using an unusually high defensive line for example)

    Or sketched like this:




    If you choose one of the options that doesn't involve using a formations website, I will show your team using the one I've used myself.

    Please feel free to specify your substitutions, if you want to make any (up to two - one after 45 minutes, one after 70 minutes). If a substitution will alter the shape and tactics of your team then also feel free to describe in what way it does that and that info will also be provided to voters. Or if one player just plays in a different way to the one he replaces you can indicate that too.

    If you don't use a football formations website, then when I draw your team I won't use any arrows unless you've indicated reasons to do so by PM (eg "my full-backs will get forwards", "my defensive midfielder will drop back and hold in front of the defence", "my winger will cut inside a lot", "my attacking midfielder will roam to both wings" etc.... - obviously you'd use the names of the players where appropriate).
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    Group 1 Squads


    Selector: La-Maquina
    Order shown: squad numbers

    1 Edwin VAN DER SAR
    2 Eric GERETS
    3 Jaap STAM
    4 Ronald KOEMAN
    6 Cor VAN DER HART
    7 Faas WILKES
    8 Frank RIJKAARD
    10 Ruud GULLIT
    12 Jan VAN BEVEREN ( GK )
    13 Wim JANSEN
    14 Johan CRUYFF ( C )
    15 Giovanni VAN BRONCKHORST
    16 Johnny REP
    17 Rinus ISRAËL
    18 Edgar DAVIDS
    19 Puck VAN HEEL
    20 Kevin DE BRUYNE
    21 Abe LENSTRA
    22 Marc OVERMARS
    23 Willy VAN DER KUIJLEN

    Selector: poetgooner
    Order shown: order drafted
    1. Lionel Messi
    2. Daniel Passarella
    3. Javier Zanetti
    4. Silvio Marzolini
    5. Jose Manuel Moreno
    6. Felix Loustau
    7. Luis Monti
    8. Nestor Rossi
    9. Mario Kempes
    10. Oscar Ruggeri
    11. Ubaldo Fillol
    12. Omar Sivori
    13. Walter Samuel
    14. Osvaldo Ardiles
    15. Angel Labruna
    16. Javier Mascherano
    17. Juan Sebastian Veron
    18. Juan Roman Riquelme
    19. Sergio Aguero
    20. Esteban Cambiasso
    21. Luis Artime
    22. Gabriel Heinze
    23. Antonio Roma


    Selector: Excape Goat
    Order shown: alphabetical

    Jakub Blaszczykowski
    Zbigniew Boniek
    Kazimierz Deyna
    Robert Gadocha
    Kamil Glik
    Jerzy Gorgon
    Henryk Kasperczak
    Gregorz Krychowiak
    Grzegorz Lato
    Robert Lewandowski
    Wlodzimierz Lubanski
    Zygmunt Maszczyk
    Jozef Mlynarczyk
    Adam Musial
    Stanislaw Oslizlo
    Luczsz Piszczek
    Ernst Pohl
    Andrzej Szarmach
    Antoni Szymanowksi
    Edward Szymkowiak
    Jan Tomaszewski
    Ernst Wilimowski
    Wladyslaw Zmuda

    Selector: msioux75
    Order shown: squad numbers

    01 MAZURKIEWICZ, Ladislao
    02 NASAZZI, José
    03 SANTAMARÍA, José
    04 ANDRADE, José Leandro
    05 VARELA, Obdulio
    07 FORLÁN, Diego
    08 SCHIAFFINO, Juan
    09 SUÁREZ, Luis
    10 SCARONE, Héctor
    11 FRANCESCOLI, Enzo
    12 MÁSPOLI, Roque
    13 GAMBETTA, Schubert
    14 MATOSAS, Roberto
    15 GODÍN, Diego
    16 GONCALVES, Néstor
    17 ROCHA, Pedro
    18 PORTA, Roberto
    19 GHIGGIA, Alcides
    20 PETRONE, Pedro
    21 GÓMEZ, Walter
    22 CAVANI, Edinson
    23 MAZALI, Andrés
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    Mar 8, 2009
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    Group 2 Squads


    Selector: PDG1978
    Order shown: squad numbers

    1 - Gyula Grosics
    2 - Jeno Buzanszky
    3 - Sandor Biro
    4 - Sandor Matrai
    5 - Jozsef Bozsik
    6 - Kalman Meszoly
    7 - Laszlo Budai
    8 - Sandor Kocsis
    9 - Nandor Hidegkuti
    10 - Ferenc Puskas
    11 - Zoltan Czibor
    12 - Gyorgy Orth
    13 - Antal Szabo
    14 - Jozsef Varga
    15 - Gyula Lorant
    16 - Gyorgy Sarosi
    17 - Ferenc Bene
    18 - Peter Palotas
    19 - Florian Albert
    20 - Lajos Detari
    21 - Jozsef Zakarias
    22 - Lajos Tichy
    23 - Gyula Rakosi

    Selector: thebigman
    Order shown: order drafted

    Zinedine Zidane
    Thierry Henry
    Laurent Blanc
    Patrick Vieira
    Dominique Rocheteau
    Bixente Lizarazu
    Claude Makelele
    Willy Sagnol
    Robert Pires
    Raphael Varane
    Hugo Lloris
    Jean-Pierre Papin
    N'Golo Kante
    Youri Djorkaeff
    Ludovic Giuly
    Emmanuel Petit
    Eric Abidal
    William Gallas
    Franck Leboeuf
    Bacary Sagna
    Gregory Coupet
    Didier Six
    Blaise Matuidi

    Rest of South America-A
    Selector: msioux75
    Order shown: squad numbers

    01 CHILAVERT, José Luis (Par)
    02 ARCE, Francisco (Par)
    03 FIGUEROA, Elías (Chi)
    04 FUENTES, Nicolás (Per)
    05 VELÁSQUEZ, José (Per)
    06 CHUMPITAZ, Héctor (Per)
    07 SÁNCHEZ, Alexis (Chi)
    08 VIDAL, Arturo (Chi)
    09 ERICO, Arsenio (Par)
    10 CUBILLAS, Teófilo (Per)
    11 JOYA, Juan (Per)
    12 CÓRDOBA, Óscar (Col)
    13 SOLANO, Norberto (Per)
    14 QUINTANO, Alberto (Chi)
    15 CÓRDOBA, Iván (Col)
    16 FLEITAS SOLICH, Manuel (Par)
    17 HORMAZÁBAL, Enrique (Chi)
    18 SPENCER, Alberto (Ecu)
    19 CUETO, César (Per)
    20 RODRÍGUEZ, James (Col)
    21 ZAMORANO, Iván (Chi)
    22 ORTIZ, Willington (Col)
    23 BRAVO, Claudio (Chi)

    Selector: Titanlux
    Order shown: grouped by position

    Dino Zoff
    Walter Zenga
    Enrico Albertosi
    Franco Baresi
    Fabio Cannavaro
    Leonardo Bonucci
    Eraldo Monzeglio
    Tarcisio Burgnich
    Giussepe Bergomi
    Renzo De Vecchi
    Giacinto Facchetti
    Marco Tardelli
    Giancarlo Antognoni
    Gianni Rivera
    Giovanni Ferrari
    Francesco Totti
    Giussepe Meazza
    Alessandro Del Piero
    Giampiero Boniperti
    Mario Corso
    Bruno Conti
    Gianluca Vialli
    Silvio Piola
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    Group 3 Squads


    Selector: PDG1978
    Order shown: squad numbers

    1 - Vladimir Beara
    2 - Branko Stankovic
    3 - Robert Jarni
    4 - Ivan Gudelj
    5 - Josip Katalinski
    6 - Dragan Holcer
    7 - Vladimir Petrovic
    8 - Dejan Savicevic
    9 - Davor Suker
    10 - Dragan Stojkovic
    11 - Dragan Dzajic
    12 - Branko Zebec
    13 - Samir Handanovic
    14 - Luka Modric
    15 - Nemanja Vidic
    16 - Vladimir Jugovic
    17 - Aljosa Asanovic
    18 - Zvonimir Boban
    19 - Bernard Vukas
    20 - Stjepan Bobek
    21 - Alen Boksic
    22 - Safet Susic
    23 - Fahrudin Jusufi

    Rest of the World
    Selector: Excape Goat
    Order shown: alphabetical

    Paulinho Alcantara
    Massimo Bonini
    Tim Cahill
    Cha Bum Kun
    Stephane Chapuisat
    Avi Cohen
    Emre Belozoglu
    Brad Friedel
    Magico Gonzalez
    Hong Myung-Bo
    Harry Kewell
    Rafael Marquez
    Severino Minelli
    Wes Morgan
    Yuto Nagamoto
    Shunsuke Nakamura
    Keylor Navas
    Park Ji-Sung
    Rustu Recber
    Hugo Sanchez
    Giourkas Seitaridis
    Mark Viduka
    Theodoros Zagarakis

    British Isles-A
    Selector: thebigman
    Order shown: order drafted
    1. George Best
    2. Ryan Giggs
    3. Kenny Dalglish
    4. Jimmy Greaves
    5. Ashley Cole
    6. Sol Campbell
    7. Phil Neal
    8. Alan Hansen
    9. Paul Scholes
    10. David Seaman
    11. Graeme Souness
    12. Paul Gascoigne
    13. Duncan Edwards
    14. Gareth Bale
    15. Pat Jennings
    16. John Charles
    17. David Beckham
    18. Rio Ferdinand
    19. Wayne Rooney
    20. Stuart Pearce
    21. Gary Neville
    22. Glenn Hoddle
    23. Gary Lineker

    Selector: poetgooner
    Order shown: grouped by position

    Ricardo Zamora
    Iker Casillas
    Rafael Gordillo
    Jose Antonio Camacho
    Joan Segarra
    Sergio Ramos
    Carles Puyol
    Fernando Hierro
    Gerard Pique
    Pep Guardiola
    Xabi Alonso
    Sergio Busquets
    Luis Suarez Miramontes
    Xavi Hernandez
    Andres Iniesta
    David Silva
    Amancio Amaro
    Paco Gento
    Emilio Butragueno
    David Villa
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    Mar 8, 2009
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    Group 4 Squads

    Italy Reserves

    Selector: PDG1978
    Order shown: squad numbers

    1 - Gianluca Pagliuca
    2 - Alessandro Costacurta
    3 - Antonio Benarrivo
    4 - Demetrio Albertini
    5 - Roberto Rosato
    6 - Pierluigi Cera
    7 - Roberto Donadoni
    8 - Giacomo Bulgarelli
    9 - Roberto Boninsegna
    10 - Giussepe Giannini
    11 - Pierino Prati
    12 - Gianluca Zambrotta
    13 - Francesco Toldo
    14 - Giovanni Lodetti
    15 - Pietro Vierchowod
    16 - Marco Verratti
    17 - Attilio Lombardo
    18 - Benito Carbone
    19 - Enrico Chiesa
    20 - Giussepe Signori
    21 - Giovanni Trapattoni
    22 - Roberto Mancini
    23 - Luigi De Agostini

    Selector: La-Maquina
    Order shown: squad numbers

    1 Georgi NAYDENOV
    2 Aleksandar SHALAMANOV
    3 Cristian CHIVU
    4 Gheorghe POPESCU
    5 Dimitar PENEV
    6 Alexandru APOLZAN
    7 Ilie BALACI
    8 Nicolae DOBRIN
    9 Georgi ASPARUHOV
    10 Gheorghe HAGI
    11 Hristo STOICHKOV
    12 Ion VOINESCU
    13 Dan PETRESCU
    14 Costică ȘTEFĂNESCU
    15 Stefan BOZHKOV
    16 László BÖLÖNI
    17 Miodrag BELODEDICI
    18 Hristo BONEV
    19 Dimitar YAKIMOV
    20 Florea DUMITRACHE
    21 Dimitar BERBATOV
    22 Krasimir BALAKOV
    23 Adrian MUTU

    Selector: poetgooner
    Order shown: order drafted
    1. Marco van Basten
    2. Ruud Krol
    3. Arjen Robben
    4. Johan Neeskens
    5. Willem van Hanegem
    6. Dennis Bergkamp
    7. Eden Hazard
    8. Vincent Kompany
    9. Frank De Boer
    10. Wim Suurbier
    11. Piet Keizer
    12. Clarence Seedorf
    13. Jan Cuelemans
    14. Jan Vertonghen
    15. Jean-Marie Pfaff
    16. Enzo Scifo
    17. Robin van Persie
    18. Arie Haan
    19. Michel Preud’Homme
    20. Paul Van Himst
    21. Wesley Sneijder
    22. Hans Van Breukelen
    23. Virgil van Dijk

    Selector: msioux75
    Order shown: squad numbers

    01 CARRIZO, Amadeo
    02 PERFUMO, Roberto
    03 TARANTINI, Alberto
    04 SOSA, Carlos
    05 REDONDO, Fernando
    06 AYALA, Roberto
    07 ORSI, Raimundo
    08 PEDERNERA, Adolfo
    09 DI STÉFANO, Alfredo
    10 MARADONA, Diego
    11 BATISTUTA, Gabriel
    12 GATTI, Hugo
    13 SALOMÓN, José
    14 YÁCONO, Norberto
    15 SORÍN, Juan Pablo
    16 RATTÍN, Antonio
    17 SIMEONE, Diego
    18 SASTRE, Antonio
    19 BOCHINI, Ricardo
    20 CORBATTA, Oreste Omar
    21 PONTONI, René
    22 BERTONI, Ricardo Daniel
    23 TESORIERE, Américo
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    Mar 8, 2009
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    Group 5 Squads


    Selector: Titanlux
    Order shown: alphabetical

    Alaba, David
    Bican, Josef
    Binder, Franz
    Blum, Josef
    Decker, Karl
    Hanappi, Gerhard
    Happel, Ernst
    Herzog, Andreas
    Hiden, Rudolf
    Koller, Karl
    Krankl, Hansi
    Nausch, Walter
    Ocwirk, Ernst
    Pezzey, Bruno
    Polster, Anton
    Prohaska, Herbert
    Sara, Robert
    Schall, Anton
    Sesta, Karl
    Sindelar, Matthias
    Smistik, Josef
    Zeman, Walter
    Zischek, Karl

    British Isles-B
    Selector: poetgooner
    Order shown: order drafted
    1. Bobby Moore
    2. Bobby Charlton
    3. Sir Tom Finney
    4. Sir Stanley Matthews
    5. Roy Keane
    6. Danny McGrain
    7. Tony Adams
    8. Denis Law
    9. Gordon Banks
    10. Steven Gerrard
    11. Eddie Hapgood
    12. Frank Lampard
    13. Dave Mackay
    14. John Terry
    15. Dixie Dean
    16. Bryan Robson
    17. Alan Shearer
    18. Danny Blanchflower
    19. Billy Wright
    20. Billy Bremner
    21. Peter Shilton
    22. Jimmy Armfield
    23. Kenny Sansom

    Selector: Excape Goat
    Order shown: alphabetical

    Jose Aguas
    Jose Augusto
    Manuel Bento
    Ricardo Carvalho
    Domiciano Cavem
    Humberto Coelho
    Mario Coluna
    Costa Pereira
    Fernando Couto
    Luis Figo
    Paulo Futre
    Fernando Peyroteo
    Joao Domingos da Silva Pinto (known as Joao Pinto)
    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Rui Costa
    Paulo Sousa
    Vitor Baia

    Selector: Peru FC
    (to be announced soon, in a further post)
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    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    Group 6 Squads

    Soviet Union

    Selector: La-Maquina
    Order shown: squad numbers

    1 Lev YASHIN
    2 Vladimir BESSONOV
    3 Anatoliy DEMYANENKO
    4 Valery VORONIN
    5 Murtaz KHURTSILAVA
    6 Albert SHESTERNYOV
    7 Andriy SHEVCHENKO
    8 Igor NETTO
    9 Eduard STRELTSOV
    10 Valentin IVANOV
    11 Oleh BLOKHIN
    12 Rinat DASAYEV
    14 Evgeny LOVCHEV
    15 Yuri VOINOV
    16 Oleh KUZNETSOV
    17 Aleksandr CHIVADZE
    18 Fyodor CHERENKOV
    19 Vladimir MUNTYAN
    20 Igor BELANOV
    21 David KIPIANI
    22 Mikheil MESKHI
    23 Igor CHISLENKO

    Selector: Peru FC
    Order shown: alphabetical

    Michael Ballack
    Andreas Brehme
    Paul Breitner
    Hans-Peter Briegel
    Guido Buchwald
    Stefan Effenberg
    Karl-Heinz Forster
    Oliver Kahn
    Manfred Kaltz
    Jurgen Klinsmann
    Jurgen Kohler
    Philipp Lahm
    Pierre Littbarski
    Lothar Matthaus
    Thomas Muller
    Manuel Neuer
    Mesut Ozil
    Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
    Matthias Sammer
    Bernd Schuster
    Bastian Schweinsteiger
    Uli Stielike
    Rudi Voller

    Spain Reserves
    Selector: Titanlux
    Order shown: alphabetical

    Arconada, Luis Miguel
    Basora, Estanislao
    Cesc Fábregas
    Del Sol, Luis
    Gaínza, Agustín
    Gallego, Francisco Fernández
    Gamborena, Francisco
    Garay, Jesús
    Gorostiza, Guillermo
    Iríbar, José Ángel
    Joaquín Sánchez
    Jordi Alba
    Lángara, Isidro
    Míchel Salgado
    Panizo, José Luis
    Quincoces, Jacinto
    Rivilla, Feliciano
    Samitier, José
    Sanchís Hontiyuelo, Manuel
    Sergi Barjuán
    Zarra, Telmo
    Zubieta, Ángel
    Zubizarreta, Andoni

    Selector: thebigman
    Order shown: grouped by position

    Claudio Taffarel
    Julio Cesar
    Hideraldo Bellini
    Carlos Alberto
    Roberto Carlos
    Gilberto Silva
    Roberto Rivelino
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    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    Group 7 Squads


    Selector: Peru FC
    Order shown: alphabetical

    Franz Beckenbauer
    Rainer Bonhof
    Ludwig Goldbrunner
    Jurgen Grabowski
    Jupp Heynckes
    Paul Janes
    Erick Juskowiak
    Ernst Kuzorra
    Sepp Maier
    Gerd Muller
    Gunter Netzer
    Wolfgang Overath
    Helmut Rahn
    Hans Schafer
    Karl-Heinz Schnellinger
    Willi Schulz
    Heinrich Stulfauth
    Uwe Seeler
    Fritz Szepan
    Horst Szymaniak
    Berti Vogts
    Fritz Walter
    Wolfgang Weber

    Selector: PDG1978
    Order shown: squad numbers

    1 - Peter Schmeichel
    2 - Roland Nilsson
    3 - Erik Nilsson
    4 - Morten Olsen
    5 - Sami Hyypia
    6 - Jonas Thern
    7 - Allan Simonsen
    8 - Nils Liedholm
    9 - Gunnar Nordahl
    10 - Jari Litmanen
    11 - Brian Laudrup
    12 - John Sivebaek
    13 - Ronnie Hellstrom
    14 - Soren Lerby
    15 - Rune Bratseth
    16 - Gunnar Gren
    17 - Karl Aage Praest
    18 - Preben Elkjaer
    19 - Lars Bohinen
    20 - Lennart Skoglund
    21 - Henrik Larsson
    22 - Michael Laudrup
    23 - Stig Inge Bjornebye

    Brazil Reserves
    Selector: thebigman
    Order shown: grouped by position

    Emerson Leao
    Roque Junior
    David Luiz
    Felipe Luis
    Alex Sandro
    Cesar Sampaio
    Emerson Ferraira da Rosa (known as Emerson)
    Edu Gaspar (known as Edu)
    Ze Roberto

    Selector: Titanlux
    Order shown: grouped by position

    Gianluigi Buffon
    Gianpiero Combi
    Angelo Peruzzi
    Gaetano Scirea
    Alessandro Nesta
    Ciro Ferrara
    Virginio Rosetta
    Claudio Gentile
    Giorgio Chiellini
    Paolo Maldini
    Umberto Caligaris
    Antonio Cabrini
    Romeo Bonetti
    Andrea Pirlo
    Valentino Mazzola
    Sandro Mazzola
    Gianfranco Zola
    Roberto Baggio
    Franco Causio
    Luigi Riva
    Roberto Bettega
    Paolo Rossi
    Christian Vieri
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  11. PDG1978

    PDG1978 Member+

    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    Group 8 Squads


    Selector: Excape Goat
    Order shown: alphabetical

    Jaroslav Burgr
    Petr Cech
    Karol Dobias
    Zdenek Grygera
    Marek Hamsik
    Marek Jankulowski
    Miroslav Kadlec
    Jan Koller
    Laszlo Kubala
    Josef Masopust
    Pavel Nedved
    Oldrich Nejedly
    Ladislav Novak
    Anton Ondrus
    Antonin Panenka
    Frantisek Planicka
    Svatopluk Pluskal
    Antonin Puc
    Karel Poborsky
    Jan Popluhar
    Tomas Rosicky
    Thomas Ujfalusi
    Ivo Viktor

    Rest of South America-B
    Selector: msioux75
    Order shown: squad numbers

    01 LIVINGSTONE, Sergio (Chi)
    02 EYZAGUIRRE, Luis (Chi)
    03 MELÉNDEZ, Julio (Per)
    04 DÍAZ, Rubén (Per)
    05 BENÍTEZ, Víctor (Per)
    06 GAMARRA, Carlos (Par)
    07 SOTIL, Hugo (Per)
    08 MARCOS, Rubén (Chi)
    09 FERNÁNDEZ, Teodoro (Per)
    10 VALDERRAMA, Carlos (Col)
    11 SÁNCHEZ, Leonel (Chi)
    12 ROJAS, Roberto (Chi)
    13 DUARTE, Jaime (Per)
    14 MEDEL, Gary (Chi)
    15 DELGADO, Guillermo (Per)
    16 RINCÓN, Tomás (Ven)
    17 PIZARRO, David (Chi)
    18 FALCAO, Radamel (Col)
    19 ETCHEVERRY, Marco (Bol)
    20 ROMERO, Julio César (Par)
    21 SALAS, Marcelo (Chi)
    22 SEMINARIO, Juan (Per)
    23 VALDIVIESO, Juan (Per)

    Selector: La Maquina
    Order shown: squad numbers

    1 Fabian BARTHEZ
    2 Manuel AMOROS
    3 Maxime BOSSIS
    4 Didier DESCHAMPS
    5 Lilian THURAM
    6 Marcel DESAILLY
    7 Raymond KOPA
    8 Jean TIGANA
    9 Just FONTAINE
    10 Michel PLATINI
    11 Franck RIBERY
    12 Joel BATS
    13 Patrick BATTISTON
    14 Patrice EVRA
    15 Luis FERNANDEZ
    16 Robert JONQUET
    17 Marius TRESOR
    18 David GINOLA
    19 Paul POGBA
    20 David TREZEGUET
    21 Alain GIRESSE
    22 Eric CANTONA
    23 Jocelyn ANGLOMA

    Selector: Peru FC
    Order shown: alphabetical

    Ademir de Menezes
    Dani Alves
    Djalma Santos
    Domingos da Guia
    Paulo Roberto Falcao
    Luis Pereira
    Mauro Ramos
    Mauro Silva
    Nilton Santos
    Thiago Silva
    Toninho Cerezo
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  12. PDG1978

    PDG1978 Member+

    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    Knock-out stage schedule

    Round of 16 game 1: Group 1 winner vs Group 2 runner-up
    Round of 16 game 2: Group 2 winner vs Group 1 runner-up
    Round of 16 game 3: Group 3 winner vs Group 4 runner-up
    Round of 16 game 4: Group 4 winner vs Group 3 runner-up
    Round of 16 game 5: Group 5 winner vs Group 6 runner-up
    Round of 16 game 6: Group 6 winner vs Group 5 runner-up
    Round of 16 game 7: Group 7 winner vs Group 8 runner-up
    Round of 16 game 8: Group 8 winner vs Group 7 runner-up

    Quarter Final 1: R16 game 1 winner vs R16 game 3 winner
    Quarter Final 2: R16 game 2 winner vs R16 game 4 winner
    Quarter Final 3: R16 game 5 winner vs R16 game 7 winner
    Quarter Final 4: R16 game 6 winner vs R16 game 8 winner

    Semi Final 1: QF 1 winner vs QF 3 winner
    Semi Final 2: QF 2 winner vs QF 4 winner

    3rd Place Play-Off

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  13. PDG1978

    PDG1978 Member+

    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    Selector: Peru FC
    order shown: alphabetical

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
    Celestine Babayaro
    Lakhdar Belloumi
    Paul Bonga Bonga
    Tshimen Bwanga
    Didier Drogba
    Rifaat El-Fanagily
    Michael Essien
    Samuel Eto'o
    Bruce Grobbelaar
    Osei Kofi
    Kalidou Koulibaly
    Samuel Kuffour
    Sadio Mane
    Thomas N'Kono
    Augustine 'Jay-Jay' Okocha
    Abedi Pele
    Mohamed Salah
    Taye Taiwo
    Kolo Toure
    Yaya Toure
    George Weah
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  14. poetgooner

    poetgooner Member+

    Nov 20, 2014
    Arsenal FC
    I quite fancy my British Isles team. It shalt be called "Four Sirs One Cup"
  15. Excape Goat

    Excape Goat Member+

    Mar 18, 1999
    Real Madrid
    A lot of teams only took two goalkeepers, right?
  16. PDG1978

    PDG1978 Member+

    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    Yeah, quite a few. It's a feasible tactic, because we are all assured that nobody will get injured (let's say in theory extra goalkeepers could get called up if an injury occurred....but it's not going to happen!).

    The medical teams and pre-match preparation etc must be good in this Fantasy world, but still the squad needs to be used - the trade off for having only 2 goalies is that there is an extra outfield player that needs to play at some point, at least if the team goes all the way to the end of the tournament. If 3 good goalie options were available maybe it's still a good choice to include them all, especially if any are good at saving penalties!
  17. Excape Goat

    Excape Goat Member+

    Mar 18, 1999
    Real Madrid
    I am using a different philosophy. I thought playing the third keeper will not matter that much. Instead, I shortened the number of outfielders on my team. Anyway, none of my teams won't go too far.
  18. Titanlux

    Titanlux Member

    Nov 27, 2017
    Excellent compilation of most of the best soccer players in history. We have only "forgotten" about a handful of other great players. I point out a list of the great absents of this world championship:

    Ademir da Guía

    Altafini, José

    Bastin, Cliff

    Ben Barek, Lerbi

    Brady, Liam

    Braine, Raymond

    Buchan, Charlie


    Carter, Raich

    Clemence, Ray

    Crompton, Bob

    Croy, Jürgen

    Courtois, Thibaut

    Crespo, Hernán

    Danilo Alvim

    Deak, Ferenc

    Di María, Ángel


    Ferreira, Manuel

    Ferreyra, Bernabé

    Friedenreich, Arthur

    Gallacher, Hugh

    García, Enrique

    Griezmann, Antoine

    Haller, Helmut

    Hamrin, Kurt

    Hassler, Thomas

    Higuaín, Gonzalo

    Ibrahimovic, Zlatan

    Jackson, Alex

    Jair da Rosa

    James, Alex

    Johnstone, Jimmy

    Keegan, Kevin

    Kroos, Toni

    Lawton, Tommy

    Marinho Chagas

    Martino, Rinaldo

    McGrory, Jimmy

    Meredith, Billy

    Mijatovic, Predrag

    Milla, Roger

    Moller, Andreas

    Morena, Fernando

    Morton, Alan

    Pesek, Karel

    Peucelle, Carlos


    Ramallets, Antonio

    Romano, Ángel

    Rush, Ian

    Sanfilippo, José Francisco

    Schaffer, Alfred

    Schlosser, Imre

    Schumacher, Harald

    Sekularac, Dragoslav

    Seoane, Manuel

    Takacs, Jozsef

    Tévez, Carlos

    Van Moer, Wilfreid

    Vasovic, Velibor

    Walker, Billy

    Zsengeller, Gyula
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  19. PuckVanHeel

    PuckVanHeel Member+

    Oct 4, 2011
    Not a single dutch player in this reserve list. Unsurprising call from Titanlux, but really?
  20. msioux75

    msioux75 Member+

    Jan 8, 2006
    Lima, Peru
    Oh, I don't think in penalties.
    So, Goycochea should make the list :)

    But, I trust my ofensive weapons would be enough to win at 90'
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  21. msioux75

    msioux75 Member+

    Jan 8, 2006
    Lima, Peru
    Moulijn, Rijvers, Lenstra, ...
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  22. PuckVanHeel

    PuckVanHeel Member+

    Oct 4, 2011
    PDG1978 asked me to post his line-ups, in order that he made those before he saw the opposition team.

    "I guess I just thought if I sent them to a third party like you to post then it kind of verifies that I submitted them without seeing other people's teams (the opposition teams). I don't think anyone would think I was lying/cheating in that way anyway lol, but it sort of validates being the organiser plus participating in the game at the same time I think."

    Hungary line-up for Group stage game 1 vs France-B


    Subs to be used:
    After half-time - Varga (for Biro)
    After 70 minutes - Bene (for Albert)

    Yugoslavia line-up for group stage 1 game vs Rest of the World


    Subs to be used:
    After half-time - Handanovic for Beara
    After 70 minutes - Asanovic for Jugovic
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  23. PDG1978

    PDG1978 Member+

    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    Thanks Puck - to clarify those are the line-ups for the two games my own teams are involved in where the other manager has sent his team to me already too.

    Maybe those games, among others, will get kicked-off later today, but everyone should wait for all week 1 fixtures to be posted (and for me to send you a 'score card' to use) before voting for any results (and scores/scorers/assisters etc).
  24. PuckVanHeel

    PuckVanHeel Member+

    Oct 4, 2011
    Handanovic is in for the penalties I suppose :thumbsup:
  25. PDG1978

    PDG1978 Member+

    Mar 8, 2009
    Nottingham Forest FC
    Well, in this game hopefully not lol!

    But if Yugoslavia managed to make it to the knockout stage then maybe (he won't need to play anymore after this game necessarily, but yeah he could come on ready to save penalty shots in a knock-out game still it's true).

    He provides a modern keeper, giving balance with Beara I suppose!

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