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  1. cooper7d7
    Thanks for posting this DaPrince. I've been wondering if we'd see something like this on Thursday against Slavia Prague. Also wondered if Arsenal should even take the field - no room for racism...
  2. el mofles
    They really should of bought Marquez 2 years earlier rather than haggle over the price and also be worriedabout his quality level because he wasn't from a football powerhouse country like the...
  3. Kaney
    @metalmaster Lol
  4. metalmaster
    Pense que ibas a salir con la mamada que su idolo era el jorobao. jajaja.
  5. bayred
    I have to admit White/Blue has convinced me that Germany is the best in some things. People, I offer you Stuttgart's own Viola Brand. If you look closely you will see a bicycle in this video....