Your all-star starters, please....

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    May 7, 2001
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    Since the lineups will be announced Wednesday.

    North nominees:
    Goalie: Moore, Beene, LeBlanc, Ducar and Webber. Yes, Webber.

    Defense: TIMBer Line (Tietjen, Iverson, Mitts, Benson), Chastain, Pearce, Kluegel, Sobrero, Lindsey, Ronnie Fair, Staples-Bryan, McCann, Aldama, Whelchel, French and McIntosh.

    Midfield: Lihong, Fair, Ailing, Hucles, Sanchez, Lilly, Wiegmann, Lalor, Pretinha, Sissi, Venturini-Hoch and Davey.

    Forwards: Pichon, Katia, Millie, Mellgren, Janss, Clark, Meinert, Pearman and Bell.

    South (Team Midgy :p)
    Goalie: Scurry, Luckenbill, Wilson, Mullinix, Pagliarulo

    Defense: Yunjie, Overbeck, C. Moore, Zimny, Slaton, Barr, Baxter, Grubb, Fawcett, the Augustyniaks, Nonen, Burt, S. Little, Tanaka, Fettig

    Middies: Makinen, Riise, Sawa, Foudy, Bivens, Liping, Lindsey, Serlenga, Wei, Jones, Roberts, Lehn

    Forwards: Typhoon Abby :p, Jie, Prinz, Hooper, Parlow, Fotopoulos, Fleeting, Hamm, MacMillan, Wen, Ouying.

    Reserves, too, while you're picking...


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