YCJ Photos: Carolina Courage

Discussion in 'NWSL' started by AndyMead, Sep 16, 2003.

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    A look back: The Courage were our home team, Scott and I will miss them greatly.

    8/9/03 vs Charge (Andy Mead)
    7/19/03 vs Spirit (Andy Mead)
    7/4/03 vs Beat (Scott Bales/Andy Mead)
    6/14 vs Beat (Andy Mead)
    6/11/03 vs Freedom (Scott Bales/Andy Mead)
    5/24/03 vs Spirit (Andy Mead)
    5/17/03 vs Freedom (Andy Mead/Mike Lastort)
    4/5/03 vs Freedom (Scott Bales/Andy Mead)
    3/22/03 vs Tarheels - Preseason (Andy Mead)
    3/8/03 vs Freedom - Preseason (Scott Bales/Andy Mead)

    8/24/02 vs Freedom - Founders Cup II (Andy Mead)
    8/17/02 vs Beat - Playoffs (Scott Bales)
    7/31/02 vs Freedom (Andy Mead)
    7/20/02 vs Charge (Andy Mead/Bonnie Rogers)
    7/13/02 vs Breakers (Andy Mead)
    7/4/02 vs CyberRays (Andy Mead/Bonnie Rogers)
    6/22/02 vs Freedom (Scott Bales)
    6/19/02 vs Charge (Bonnie Rogers)
    5/18/02 vs Freedom (Scott Bales)
    5/11/02 vs Breakers (Andy Mead)
    5/4/02 vs Beat (Scott Bales)
    3/24/02 vs Freedom - Preaseason (Scott Bales)
    3/16/02 vs Power - Preseason (Scott Bales)
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    Andy, a big thank you to you and Scott and all the others at your publication for your coverage.

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