Yale women’s soccer involved in admission fraud

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    She was not a manager though. Or did you give your managers numbers and put them on the roster as if they were one of the players on the team when you coached? How often did you add non soccer players on your team because someone “above” asked you to?
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    Not one person on here has an issue with a coach taking on a manager, even if suggested by an AD, Dean or another coach.

    Earlier you put blame on the SID.... so, are you suggesting the AD, or a Dean, or someone at UCLA with power asked Cromwell to do this? And you are also saying that Cromwell, playing for a National Championship, would be too afraid to say no? Are saying that the Jorge Salcedo Sports Marketing Firm were able to somehow maneuver around Cromwell to get Isackson on the UCLA team? Although in many reports it's stated that Salcedo worked with the women's program to make this happen.

    I'm sorry, but what is it you are trying say??

    You are failing to understand that she is NOT listed as a manager on the UCLA website, she is listed as a midfielder! Managers do not get photos in team media guide as players, they are listed as managers. They also don't get a player bio and uniform number!! This does not happen at the D-I level. The issue is that the young woman is listed on the UCLA website as a player, with a position, wearing a uniform, with a number, and has an odd player bio. This stuff does not get past a coaching staff!

    (the Isacksons first alleged bribe payment, $250,000, was made to Singer's sham nonprofit, The Key Worldwide Foundation, in July 2016 after their older daughter was accepted into UCLA as a student-athlete. Prosecutors say a sports marketing firm controlled by UCLA's head men's soccer Jorge Salcedo, was paid $100,000 by Singer to designate her as a soccer player. She said Salcedo coordinated with staff on the women's soccer team. Although the daughter – who has been identified as Lauren Isackson – played soccer, Wright said she lacked the skill of a "recruitable player." )
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    The manager narrative is laughable. The facts (roster, jersey, team pic, indictment) currently show that wasn't the case. However, the belief that Cromwell is innocent is still not beyond reason. Prosecutors don't always indict everyone involved but if Cromwell had any significant role in the fraud she would likely be included.

    It isn't inconceivable to believe that Cromwell was simply doing another soccer coach a favor. I know coaches help other coaches all the time with roster spots, especially marginal kids that just want to be on the team but know they won't ever play. The big question is when did Cromwell find out Isackson's information was TOTALLY fabricated?

    Will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. The Federal indictment indicates Jorge Salcedo sent Lauren Isackson's info to a UCLA women's soccer coach but doesn't name the person. They probably have evidence to support that fact if they included it in the indictment.

    None of the payments in the indictment reference Cromwell or Walters so that is good news. UCLA women's soccer coach emails and texts were subpoenaed over the summer by the prosecutors and the LA Times also petitioned for the information to be made public. However, communication regarding Isackson was likely verbal between Salcedo and the women's coach. I would be very surprised if they emailed or texted.

    I hope Cromwell gets through this but the optics of it all are not good with any outcome.
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    Just want to clarify. Is there any evidence that there was any pressure from above Cromwell to roster this kid? Lots of speculation on this thread regarding her complying to a higher power where there is no evidence to support this
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    More chips falling from the Varsity Blues scandal.

    USC's new AD Mike Bohn fires;

    Steve Lopes (CFO, COO)
    Ron Orr - Senior Assoc. AD, led the Trojan Athletic Fund
    Scott Jacobson - Senior Assoc. AD, also worked in fundraising
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    Well, some of the accusations aren’t new. The idea that UCLA admits athletes that don’t meet admissions standards wasn’t an open secret, it was Open, with the AD defending the practice with the defence that they had to keep up with Cal.

    this is from 2009. https://dailybruin.com/2009/01/06/emucla-should-not-lower-admission-standards-athlet/
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    That would be nearly every school with “high standards”. If they didn’t, none of them would be able to field football programs. Now, taking money to admit kids has a slightly different tilt to it. But it’s been happening for ages. It’s called the endowment door. And I’m guessing that door may soon be closing.
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    Or, just set up an official endowment door as a way of getting admitted, rather than doing it shamefacedly through a "phony athlete" ruse. If people don't like an official endowment door, then have an open dialogue about whether it's a legitimate way of raising money or not.

    After all, you give $1 million to a newly elected President's inauguration committee and you get to be ambassador to the European Union, for which you're totally unqualified. How is it worse to give beaucoup $$ to UCLA and you get to have your kid go there to school even though your kid is unqualified?
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    You just had to bring George W And the Donald into this, didn’t you?
    couldn’t help yourself :)
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    Speaking of Trump, his corrupt son-in-law, baby-faced Jared Kushner, was admitted to Harvard only because his father (who would later become a convicted felon) pledged $2.5 million to Harvard a few weeks before admission decisions were made, according to ProPublica. Officials at Kushner's private prep school there was no way that his grades or SAT score merited admission to the Ivy League college. But, yea, this seedy practice has been going on for ages at many if not most colleges.

    As well, many if not most high-level universities, I believe, lower their academic standards to admit some student-athletes. Some (most?) schools give coaches a specific (limited) number of good player/lousy student waivers.

    But putting non-athletes on the rosters of sports teams is another thing entirely. One must assume that the general admissions office at these Varsity Blues schools took a dim view of Kushner-style admissions--perhaps owing to California Board of Regents standards?--which prompted the contribution-hungry development offices to petition the athletic departments to use their student-athlete admissions loophole to get a few of these kids from well-heeled families into the schools. Except that we don't know that their parents actually contributed to the schools, do we? Just that they paid off the admissions consultant/scamster, who in turn paid off coaches (and/or athletic department officials?) Or maybe the development offices /weren't/ involved and it was strictly the wrong-doing of the athletic departments, who are also always seeking money. That is entirely possible.

    As for Cromwell, if this practice had been going on at UCLA for years, and Salcedo alleges that the AD's compliance department discovered the practice 5 years ago, then I assume she was doing a favor for an athletic-department superior, which is why she's not lost her job. Still, given that three USC AD officials have been axed in connection with this scandal, it could be that a few UCLA athletic-department heads could yet be laid on the chopping block. We...shall...see.
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    Salcedo's defense is going to need to be better than that. No matter what the administration may have known, he will have to explain the pure financial bribes that went directly into his personal bank account.
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    The middle part of that is true. One example; at Rice in women’s soccer they get six student-athletes admitted per year, guaranteed. Those spots don’t rollover if kids transfer, quit, leave, or if you only use 3 or 4 etc. Anyone above that number has to get in on their own merit. That’s as of 2017, so may be different now.
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    I sincerely believe that not paying my income taxes in full is good for the country's economy, since I will just spend the money anyway.
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    Stop making sense. It's not supported these days. Justify a crime and it isn't so criminal anymore.
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    Douglas Hodge, who plead guilty of bribery in October of bribing USC officials and coaches to get his kids a soccer and Football scholarship at USC and a tennis coach a Georgetown to get his kids in college, has received a nine month sentence.
    The Tennis coach received $325,000 and USC people received $525,000.


    this dwarfs the two week sentence Felicity Huffman received and sends a message to other parents.

    For sentences of one year or less, there is no good behavior early release under federal guidelines.
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    UCLA AD job posted....
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    His retirement was announced Sept 19 of last year. He was born in 1951. I think age 70 Maxes out CALPERS..
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    Seems like Loughlin and husband are claiming the resume was created by someone in USC's athletic department. Taking position they had no idea.

    What is missing from this story are the recruiting photos that depicted their daughters in crew boats and the like. Are they going to try to duck around that too? They had no knowledge of those either? Bull.

    It also does not discuss all the malarkey with the changing of SAT scores, pretending to have a learning disability to get additional time at different location with the IMG guy as proctor and such.

    Making a donation and expecting something in return happens. Conspiring to commit fraud at multiple levels is something else. And making your kids complicit in it is even worse.

    Aunt Becky, shame on you.
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    If you were to tell me 20 years ago that out of all the family sitcom actors, I was going to hate Aunt Becky, I would have laughed and thought you were being funny.....I can’t believe anyone is a good human being anymore... well, I still have hope for Betty White but she’s like 95 or something.
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    Another shoe drops:


    "The former University of California at Los Angeles men’s soccer coach will plead guilty to taking $200,000 in bribes as part of the college admissions cheating scheme, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

    Jorge Salcedo, 47, of Los Angeles, will admit to getting bribes in exchange for helping get one male and one female student into the school as fake soccer recruits. He will plead guilty to a racketeering conspiracy charge, according to court documents."

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