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    ...article with an important non-Sanneh start:

    After the first shock the confidence came back: when Klaus Augenthaler heard that Jacek Krzynowek's knee injury, suffered in a friendly on Wednesday, is a torn ACL and a meniscus damage, Nürnberg's coach was talking about the quality of his team. "We are strong enough to compensate it". Or to say it with GM Edgar Geenen: "We quickly agreed to not sign a further player".

    With a good reason, should be added. The club doesn't have enough money for a new player. That's proved by the fact that Nürnberg desperately tried to make profit by selling a player - with US national player Anthony Sanneh as selling object. 2.5 M were demanded by the traditional club. At last the EPL teams Sunderland and Aston Villa were in contact with the model athlete. Manager Geenen set a deadline that passed on Saturday.

    How and whether these clubs reacted doesn't matter. President Michael A. Roth declared all selling negotiations to be ended after Krzynowek's injury. "We can't afford to weaken our roster now". Short: Sanneh stays. Now Augenthaler got the problem of the choice how to occupy the central defence...

    Related to that: kicker's outlook on Nürnberg. It doesn't contain anything about Tony, but the expected lineup sees him as central defender. In the season magazine that was published one week earlier, Sanneh was not expected in the starting lineup. kicker's conclusion for Nürnberg:
    "Admittedly, the sentence "if they'll have a good start..." is not new, but fitting for the club. Reason: behind the playing quality is a small question mark after Krzynowek is out. A good start would end all doubts; a bad start would cause a season full of worries. Especially as Augenthaler can't afford another player.



    Steve Cherundolo (23) is sitting laid back in the lobby of the Hotel Seeleiten and watches his right knee with satisfaction. "No problems anymore", says the right backer happily. This seemed to be different a couple of weeks ago. During the WC in Japan and South Korea the US boy suffered a slight meniscus damage, but stayed with the team. Despite - as demanded by head coach Rangnick - returning immediately. Hannover's coach outraged: "Steve is doing vacation". Partially, says Cherundolo, he got to know about the trouble he caused in his sportive home. "But this is no problem anymore. I explained everything to the coach, didn't lose time". Obviously Rangnick meanwhile sees it similarly - he didn't demand a fine.

    In the training camp in Kaltern Cherundolo first was restricted to running and coordination units, but meanwhile he is back in the team training. Yesterday he played his first friendly against Real Mallorca [3:1, Steve played 2nd half] and resulting of it the justified hope "that I'll make it until the season opener in Hamburg".

    Next to the trouble about his injury, Cherundolo's name appeared in a second matter: President Kind publically thought about talking with top earners about reducing the salary. The American is staying relaxed: "I only got to know about it by the newspapers. But if it has to be, then it has to be".

    In kicker's team check he is (explicitly stated also in the text) seeded as right backer. kicker's prognosis: "If the new playmaker Jiri Stajner is the expected help, then relegation shouldn't be a topic. With a good start even a season without sorrow and early rescue is possible.


    ...was seen as 'player to watch out for' in kicker's 2nd div forward ranking. His rival for the starting spot, Blaise N'Kufo (last season in Mainz), was rated outstanding on 2nd place. Eight players are in the category outstanding, six are in Conor's category.


    ...is expected to be a regular starter in kicker's St Pauli team check. Their prognosis for the whole team: "The team from Hamburg is uncalculable. Their deficits are in the offensive-creative sector, but they presented as unit in the friendlies. Only with a positive start and few injuries the team is able to make the top 6. Otherwise expect them in the region 8 to 12.


    ... is not expected in the starting lineup for Werder Bremen Amateure in their season opener tomorrow vs SC Verl.


    ... little mentioning in the text on Siegen: "The recently signed US-American Eric Lukin (23) will have his debut on the left wing. He is expected to create pressure on the left wing between defense and offense. Siegen's first game what postponed, but as RL South is already having the 2nd matchday during this week, they'll have their season opener on Wednesday in Wehen. Needless to say that van Buskirk is expected to start as well.
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