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    Oct 21, 2004
    This is a great game. It is a simulation with fake players. You control every asspect of your team, from who you put on the field to what your teams training routine will be. It sounds complex but it is really easy to use. You can transfer players, play in cups, schedule friendlies, and a lot more. They let you check your rankings, send messages to other users. I was wondering if it would be like all other soccer management games, but its not its so much better. I got hooked the first day I played. Games are played twice every day (depending on your scheduel), and you can be promoted into higher divisions. Its really in-depth and lots of fun. So go to www.Sundayleague.com and register. If you need any help my username is Lvrpoolfan11. Im in the OSCAR league. Thats another thing. They have a lot of leagues you can join, and you can win stuff like dvd players, video games, and digital cameras. I haven't played that long and Im pretty close to winning my league! Go to the site and join. Need help, send me a message Lvrpoolfan11@OSCAR.

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