WUSA & it's awareness with college players/fans in your area

Discussion in 'Women's College' started by FearM9, Sep 1, 2002.

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    So I was at my alma mater's match today and chatted with some fine folks that were sitting around me. I asked them if they followed the WUSA. The several responses I got back were of the "no" variety.

    Mother of one of the freshman from Corvallis, Oregon: She knows who Mia Hamm is cuz they have seen her play with the USWNT in Portland before and at the Nike campus. She is aware of the WUSA All-Star match in several weeks and is wanting to go but there may be conflicts with her daughters soccer schedule. She is aware that the league exists buts admits her childrens soccer comes first.

    HS coach/former BSU'er: Knows the USWNT but is not aware of the league.

    The HS players that she coaches (there were about 8 there): They know who Mia and Brandi are. The did not know about the league.

    Two other former BSU'ers: Were not aware that the league exists.

    Dude sitting next to me: "There's a pro womens soccer league in this country?"


    I suppose the answers would be more of the "Yes" variety if I was at Fetzer or SCU or Portland.


    I'm curious to read what other people have to say if they have ever asked something similar in their neck of the woods.
  2. Thats rather interesting. The whole reason I got interested in watching the nats AND seeing the WUSA come to fruition was because of the former coach at Sacramento State, where I went to school. Sandra Asimos is a wealth of knowledge about the sport in general, from the WUSA to the WPSL, and even the history of it. She is busy with the California Soccer Association-North in some capacity, but I'm not sure what. Anyhow, I think its to any coach's benefit to know about the WUSA, and preferably the feeder leagues too (especially in a city that has a team in any of the three leagues. Sacramento now has two WPSL squads, and both have several Sac State players.)
    It's just nice for the women on the team to be aware of their options. Even if they never play in the WUSA, some might have majors or minors that qualify them for jobs with a team or league.

    Also, what's BSU? Boise State?
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    I recently met a 12-year old goalkeeper from the Philadelphia area who plays on a club team. She was very aware of the WUSA because the players work with her club. I'm sure the outreach efforts of the various teams in their localities help a lot but I don't know what it would take to raise awareness in areas that do not have teams.
  4. Well, heel, I think the USWNT teams going to more varied venues helps. Even the U-19's maybe. In Sacramento, which does not have a WPSL but does have 2 WPSL teams in the metro area, one of the teams, the California Storm, played an exhibition with Sac State. Some of them probably have a lot of knlowledge of WUSA. I think ehhibitions help.

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