WUSA broadcasts on the RSNs..are they time buys as well?

Discussion in 'NWSL' started by FearM9, Aug 18, 2002.

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    Well we "know" (pure speculation with no hard facts like links to back 'em up) the PAX deal is a time buy.

    But what about CSN, FXSS, COX4, etc. Are those time buys as well?
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    Depends on the team and the situation, but most likely. I wish I could find the link to the story, I thought I had saved the story itself, but I believe it was in the NYTimes last year. You'd be surprised what's a time buy and what isn't on network television----things that 10-15 years ago, no problem, a network would have televised because they'd figure they could make some jack on it. They came to realize the only way they could really make money on it was to sell the block of airtime and take that money and run and leave the ad sales to the league/event.

    Are any regional outlets upon which WUSA games are televised part of the whole COX family? Or the other investors? Because I thought that was part of the appeal, the synergy with cable TV companies, so WUSA could have an easier time getting on TV.

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