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    Fair enough, but then you should have said as much. Remember you're in a fan forum here - if you say something along the lines of "everyone is saying X", it's going to be read as "everyone in this forum is saying X" unless you clarify. I know you didn't call me out specifically, which is why I quoted as many people as possible. You're not talking directly to any teams here (except maybe the Breakers, since some of their execs have posted in the NWSL forums on rare occasions).

    Besides, I think you're overblowing how much "attention" WPSL gets. It's an absolutely massive league, so it's going to get some attention just by critical mass and the fact that people are likely to have a WPSL team near them - you can't hang on them for that. They're also simply part of the pipeline to the pros - which would be true even if they officially declared themselves as DIII instead of DII. Unless UWS is aiming to be more "amateur" than "pro", WPSL will be the go-to for college players during the summers - no way that changes, so it's going to get attention for that as well.

    Also, the "support" given to them by NWSL teams isn't as strong as you're reading. For CHI and BOS, maybe, but Washington has never been a huge supporter. I think it was you yourself that said Washington was interested in UWS back when the league was forming but wanted to wait and see how the league played out, which is a perfectly reasonable hesitation (for Washington or for any other teams mentioned that were playing the "wait-and-see" game). Also, @StarCityFan pointed out in the UWS thread that Washington has not been happy with WPSL. So, as I said before, not exactly singing the praises of the league.
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    Thanks for the follow up. Just really frustrated over the entire situation. The sport deserves better.
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    Long Branch, NJ (December 14, 2016) -
    The New Jersey Wildcats tryouts on 12/18 at Manahassett Creek Park, 555 Long Branch Avenue, Long Branch, NJ from 2pm to 3:30pm are fast approaching. Registration will be be held from 1:30pm to 2pm so players are to get there by 1:30pm and ready to go for warm-ups at 2pm sharp.
    If you would like to attend the WPSL/U23 tryouts email NJwildcatsKevin@aol.com with your contact info, email, cell, and college you play for or played for. Also if applicable include the names of any former WPSL, W-League, Pro, or National team you played for in the past.

    Please bring the below forms and information with you to hand in at tryouts.
    A. Player registration forms:
    Click Here - /docs/WPSL%20WelcomePacket.pdf
    B. A copy of you Birth Certificate
    C. 2 Photo's (head shots)

    MAIL ALL OF THE ABOVE TO US BY 12/16/2016:
    OCEANPORT, NJ 07757

    NJ Wildcats
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    you can add 6 new teams:


    Charleston Fleet SC, owned by, Christian Michner are delighted to join the WPSL. Their main goal is to provide an opportunity for female athletes in their small community. Additionally, their mission is create a platform for female soccer players, which will enable them to grow and develop their game.

    Little Rock Rangers, based in Little Rock, Arkansas have high hopes after joining the WPSL. Owner, Jonathan Wardlaw believes the small community of Little Rock will be overwhelmed with the new opportunity for females to play in a competitive soccer league. After the men`s team recently joined the NPSL, the Little Rock community has been desperate for a female team.

    Temecula FC, are an NPSL team who believe it is extremely important to expand with a women’s soccer team who will be joining the WPSL in 2017. Temecula FC owner, Brandon Jantz said,

    Shreveport Rafters Louisiana will also being entering a women’s team for the 2017 WPSL season. Owner of Shreveport Rafters men’s team, Will Broyles, who play in NPSL are exciting to announce the new opportunity for female soccer players. Having created a fantastic opportunity for the men’s soccer team, the Shreveport community are ecstatic for the development of the women’s team.

    Silicon Valley, owned by Erin Montoya, is the first former California Storm player to enter a team into the WPSL. She has years of experience successfully coaching MVLA club teams. They will play between Palo Alto and San Jose, just south of San Francisco. They will be joining the NorCal region, and so Erin will be competing against her former club, the Storm.

    Legacy-W76 Virginia have created a women’s soccer team that will participate in the WPSL 2017 season.

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