Would you take this deal re: video games?

Discussion in 'Video and Computer Games' started by Uppa 90, Jan 22, 2012.

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    I play video games a lot... I have a gamerscore over 64k... probably 2 hours a night min... but...

    I was offered this opportunity by my wife and 7 month old son (by proxy of course):

    Give up Xbox until May. Use extra time to write the stories and book I had always said I was going to.

    In exchange, she would let me take a road trip in April following my team (Sporting KC) for two consecutive games to Vancouver and Portland (5 days total) leaving the baby with my wife for those 5 days...

    Would you take it?

    Cause I sure did...

    It is the first time i can think of being involved in a deal where each person thought the other person WOULDN'T go through with it...

    I've been on the wagon for one week now... and considering i didn't have time to play during the week and this weekend my internet has been down, i don't feel like i have missed it much... but this week may be different... i can't imagine video game withdrawls being as intense as say heroin or something, but I get pretty intense when playing CoD or whatever... it alters me a bit... we shall see
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    My wife let me go see Juve play a couple games, plus travel for work and we have 3 kids and at the time one of them was 3 weeks old. I didn't have to give anything up, I was gone for 4 days once and 3 the next.
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    While going up to the Pacific Northwest to see your team take on PDX,Van, or Sea. is an amazing experience I don't think I could pass up the option of playing Mass Effect 3 at release. :D I would convince myself that watching the games on computer/tv would be good enough.

    Good luck on the bet Uppa90
  4. ttrevett

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    It's an interesting offer, but what is more interesting is the impetus to make the offer from your wife in the first place. I'm no marriage counselor but it would seem that this is a sign to you that your video game playing is interfering with your marriage, or at least your wife's idea of what your marriage should be. It seems to be her perception that your 2 hours a night should be spent playing husband and dad as opposed to MW3 mowing down enemies with an ACR and Skorpion.

    Now, I think the more interesting discussion is why women, wives in particular, always feel the need to decrease the amount of time spent by men playing video games. For me, gmaing time is a significant stress reliever. I play at the end of the day after my kids are in bed, and my wife is watching the bachelor, or American Idol, etc. But my gaming is somehow construed as less socially acceptable than watching some morons go through the process of catfighting and backstabbing all to win the proposal of some loser who can't find a woman to marry the old fashioned way (meaning internet dating) and will probably end up getting dumped by the winner when she becomes more famous than him.

    I think the better solution would be to have a frank discussion with your wife about your expectations and hers in terms of what is a reasonable amount of gaming time. Get it out on the table and life will be more predictable.
  5. irvine

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    Nov 24, 1998
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    Sounds to me more like she thinks you should write that book, and figures that your gaming time is getting in the way. As someone who gazes longingly at my PS3 while I'm writing sometimes, I think she's probably right. Get writing! The games will be there.
  6. bostonsoccermdl

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    It sounds like a good deal. So part of me says dont look a gift horse in the mouth. Also its good to see how you react to not playing.

    But kinda also wonder what her motive/concern was. Did she elaborate? Maybe its kind of a test to see how you do w/o gaming.

    (Remember, never underestimate the power of a powerful laptop while running "errands"! :D )

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