Worst Keeper in the Argentine "Calcho"?

Discussion in 'Argentina' started by Argentine Gaucho 25, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. Argentine Gaucho 25

    Nov 15, 2004
    My pick would be "Mono" Navarro. For those who are wondering why, look at his last couple of games and the last exists from his GK area that he had.....
  2. Pibe#10

    Pibe#10 Member

    May 1, 2003
    Nat'l Team:
    has it been two or three from almost half-field that have gone in cause of his bad positioning?
  3. Argentine Gaucho 25

    Nov 15, 2004
    To my "accu" count, three goals have been scored on him from half-field. Pretty ambarrassing stuff for Mono. If I were him, after those goals I would have retired.....
  4. The Double

    The Double Moderator
    Staff Member

    Nov 11, 2002
    I'm going to have to agree on this one. Navarro hasn't looked sharp in a while, and I'm happy.
  5. Argentine Gaucho 25

    Nov 15, 2004
    "Mono" was not that good against River, if I were him I'd hang up the gloves for good.....
  6. SaturnX20

    SaturnX20 New Member

    Sep 15, 2004
    Toronto, Ontario
    I can argue against that, he saved two mano a mano with Gallardo and also saved that last shot of la gata fernandez which was impressive.
  7. elcombo

    elcombo New Member

    Oct 5, 2004
    mono has to understand he's old now.reflexes are not the same as they use to be. but he is not the worst in argentina. costanso is horrible i think lux is much better.

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