World Series ticket prices

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    From the Associated Press:

    Baseball fans, be prepared to pay if your team makes it to the World Series.

    The price of regular box seats will be $250, according to notices some teams have started sending to their season-ticket holders. That's up from $185 last year, a 35 percent hike that is the steepest since Major League Baseball doubled the price from $75 to $150 in 1998. The cost rose to $160 in 2000, $175 in 2001 and $185 in 2004. Premium seats, which include waiter service, cost even more.

    Commissioner Bud Selig declined comment, but MLB spokesman Rich Levin said: ''The ticket prices are comparable to other major events.''

    While the price of a regular box seat has more than tripled in the last decade, World Series tickets still cost far less than seats for the Super Bowl, where tickets were $600 apiece last year. The NFL hasn't set the price for the 2007 Super Bowl, which is scheduled for Feb. 4 in Miami.

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