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    A friendly reminder for the Women's World Cup. In the coming days and weeks, I will be posting some additional threads specific to the WWC, in line with what has been done in the past. That said, this forum does a fairly good job of posting so that most of the mod work can be hands off.

    But, a mod reminder: keep the discussion on the match. Occasionally, there are discussion which deviate from the match. To some degree, that is fine, but please don't stray too far for the courtesy of others. Additionally, there may be an untoward comment posted, which may or may not be bookable. If you see such a comment or post, please report said post.

    Mod Warning:
    But, there are some posts which are unacceptable, and which I (and others) can and will react harshly. Such things:
    Sexism/objectivization (specifically of women) - and keep in mind, we do not know the gender of the poster, so that will not be a consideration when acting harshly (I will be very quick to thread/forum ban)
    Racism - also will very quick to thread/forum ban
    Xenophobia - also will very quick to thread/forum ban
    Discrimination based on sexual orientation - also will very quick to thread/forum ban
    Personal attacks
    Spam (please report immediately)
    Scalpers/touts - selling of ticket above face value should also be reported

    We want all of you to post well, with respect and responsibility. If you feel a poster is not posting with respect and responsibility, report that post. We try to deal with it immediately, but we, too, have lives, so don't go into a fit if it is not dealt with immediately. And don't take the law into your own hands.

    So, with that said, good posting to all and enjoy the tournament!

    The Moderators of Big Soccer
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