WNY Flash & Marta May Be the Tree Falling

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    WNY Flash & Marta May Be the Tree Falling in the Forest Nobody Hears

    Interesting article. Well from the boards I've read Chester fans seem to be interested and trying to get ticket combos for the Flash and Rhinos.

    Again...Sahlen knows this team will operate in the red so I'm assuming the point of Chester if he couldnt get a location in Buffalo was to get market share for this business which I think all the WPS markets, now and in the future, hold true.


    Here was a comment by John:

    Here’s the thing. You missed my point. Yes, I agree, Sahlen has an ingenious business plan for the Flash, and I said so. I understand and agree, he doesn’t need the team to break even because the team is part of his budgeted marketing expense. It is a model other WPS clubs should adopt. Corporate ownership may be all that can save the league in the end.

    My point is that his approach to marketing the TEAM to FANS in the area has serious flaws. It will not catch on in Rochester the way he thinks it will and it would have a much better chance in the long run of capturing the loyalty of a significant fan base in Buffalo. Buffalo has some responsibility for letting the team slip through its fingers, in that the people that Sahlen did attempt to work with to set up a split venue sabotaged his efforts.



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