Wise fired; who wants him?

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  1. benine

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    Jul 22, 2002
    Money that he'll be in a Leeds shirt by September...or Villa...


    Friday August 02 2002

    Dennis Wise has been booted out of Leicester after being found guilty of serious misconduct following an alleged attack on teammate Callum Davidson.

    Wise has been given notice of the termination of his contract after an internal disciplinary hearing at the club chaired by chairman Martin George.

    The former Chelsea midfielder is reported to have fractured Scottish international Davidson's cheekbone and broke his own hand after waking up Davidson and punching him in the face as he was lying in his bed.

    The incident followed a late-night game of cards on the club's pre-season trip to Finland. Davidson will miss the start of the season and is thought to be considering acton against Wise.

    It's the latest in a series of incidents in the turbulent career of Wise, who was allaged to have fought with another Leicester teammate, Robbie Savage, at the club's Christmas party.
  2. sydtheeagle

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    May 21, 2002
    Rather strained logic, I would have thought. You'd have to be taking some serious drugs to think Leeds would want him in light of what Ridsdale said about Lee Bowyer ("If we'd known about him then what we do now, we'd never have bought him in the first place".) Well, pretty much the whole world knows that Wise trouble, so you're a bit delusional if you think Ridsdale is going to sanction that sort of purchase for a plc.

    As for Villa, well stand up those who think Dennis Wise is Graham Taylor's sort of player. In fact, if you look at the sort of players Taylor historically goes for, I'd have thought Dennis Wise was pretty much an identikit of just what he avoids.

    Pass the weed, please.

    I doubt Dennis Wise will go much of anywhere. He is washed up, hasn't performed on the pitch for well over eighteen months now, is trouble (and always has been on a personal level), is over-paid, and is coming off serious injuries. Given the parlous financial state of the game right now, how many takers di you think there will be their be for a non-performing, expensive, injured 36 year old with a prison record? (Knowing football, the answer is probably "someone").

    His most likely destinations (if any), I would have thought, would be a lower division club in London. But apart from AFC Wimbledon, I don't think he'd be a good signing at all.
  3. benine

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    Jul 22, 2002
    Re: Re: Wise fired; who wants him?

    Point was that he's going to be a cheap-fix for a team hunting cheap quality; Risdale has gone back on his words about Bowyer, bending over backwards now trying to resign him. Yeah, for all intents and purposes he's washed up and shouldnt be resigned (which automatically qualifies him for an MLS contract), but he'll be signed by a priemership team. A lower divisison London club? You mean Charlton. ;)

    and massive kudos on using the word identikit.
  4. sydtheeagle

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    May 21, 2002
    Re: Re: Re: Wise fired; who wants him?

    No Ridsdale won't sign him and he hasn't gone back on his word re: Bowyer in any real sense, either. You have to remember that Ridsdale is not the chairman of Leeds United per se (a position in which he could excercise -- and reverse -- personal judgements). He is the chairman of a Public Limited Company and in that role, he is duty bound to make decisions in the best interests of the shareholders of the club. The fact that he wants to re sign Bowyer does NOT mean he wants to keep him, it merely means that he wants (in fact, HAS) to ensure that he leaves in a manner that guarantees maximum return for the company. Bowyer is on a Bosman at the end of this year so if Ridsdale does not re sign him, they lose £9 million in assets for nothing if and when he leaves. If he signs a new contract, Ridsdale can immediately sell him and cash in. He HAS to do this, or at least try.

    By the way, Charlton did occur to me as the most likely destination for Wise, but I think they have more sense than that. I really think his Premiership days are over.
  5. Mc_Midas

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    Jul 30, 2002
    leeds have batty no need for wise
  6. Doik natz

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    Jul 14, 2000
    Somerset /London
    Wise old and tempremental and wants too high wages. He won't go anywhere interesting, if anywhere.

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