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    Via Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit today, this one is terrific; share it with a leftie today :)


    * Bin Laden/Terrorists - There was no celebrating in the Middle East when Bush won. This is because appeasement will not be a policy of the United States.

    * Mainstream Media - The press did everything it could to unseat President Bush. With fair treatment he would probably have won in a landslide. CBS and the NY Times have now been thoroughly discredited as house organs of the Democratic party. They should be forced to register as 527's.

    * Senate Obstructionism - How did that work out for you Senator Daschle?

    * Hollywood/Michael Moore - America could care less what you think about politics. Shut up and act or sing or whatever it is you do to get paid ridiculous amounts of money. Michael Moore goes back to being a third rate director with no real influence. I'll help start a fund drive to assist him in his move to Canada if he wants!

    * George Soros - Next time you want to throw away millions of dollars, give it to me!

    * MA Supreme Court - 11 more states have banned gay marriage to protect against out of control courts like the one in MA. Thanks for playing a role in sinking the candidate from your own home state!

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    Two issues where democratic impulses have tried to regulate less-than-democratic aspects of governance.

    Daschel is gone because the people viewed his obstructionism poorly. He played the undemocratic aspects of fillibusters into a process to circumvent the process rather than risk losing.

    Gay marraige bans expanded because the people viewed what the courts did poorly. Where legislation is lacking, and court is willing? Such democratic declarations may be meaningless in the end. A judge may declare himself wiser than the collected will of 70% of the electorate and overturn it anyway. It will be interesting if this happens. If judges are the ultimate government, and there is no way for the populus to restrain the judges' power (the role of that reelections hold for the legislature and executive), then the people will find their collected will frustrated and without release.
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