will Tevez play against Brazil in WC qualifiers

Discussion in 'Argentina: Selecciones Nacionales' started by Diego Maradona, Jan 27, 2008.

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    As I remember him getting a red card very recently in a WC qualifier and they said FIFA would decide if he done it on purpose or not

    As he might either get a 2 or 3 match ban or just 1 and if he gets the former, he will miss Brazil

    I hope not as I am visiting Arg for the first time next year, just to see Arg play against Brazil

    I seen it once in real life when both teams came to England but I dont want to remind myself of that match
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    It was determined by FIFA to be a one game ban leaving him eligible to play against Brazil. If you search Goal.Com or ESPN.Com or Foxsoccer.com you should have no problem finding a story confirming that.

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