Why No English Language Gold Cup TV Coverage??

Discussion in 'TV, Satellite & Radio' started by California Jack, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Doesn't US Soccer WANT Americans to watch the USMNT compete for its confederation's championship? Why wasn't a deal worked out so that FSC or ESPN or someone could have covered the games in English? I don't mind watching in Spanish (assuming I can get Telefutura with DirecTV--someone help me out here), but this just doesn't make sense if the goal is to get more people watching the MNT in action.
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    CONCACAF, which owns the TV rights since they run the tournament, sold the rights to Univision. Blame them.
  3. geordienation

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    Two words: Jack Warner.

    The ConcaLaugh chairman controls the rights. He sold them to Univision/Telefutura.
  4. Consider them blamed.

    I would HOPE that the next time a tournament is hosted in the US, someone thinks to ensure that most Americans can actually watch the games on t.v.
  5. Elisa Uranga

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    Jun 14, 2005
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    OK just checked my TIVO - Gold Cup is on Telefutura/Univision. Check in LA - channel 46 and channel 402, 404. I have the US and Mexico games Tivo'd. I may Tivo Costa Rica as well. Gotta have my footy! :p
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    You forgot Galavision. That is the one channel I'm missing so it looks like I'll be missing:
    Honduras vs Trinidad
    Costa Rica vs Canada
    Guatemala vs Jamaica
    Panama vs Trinidad
    Jamaica vs South Africa
    Honduras vs Panama
    Canada vs Cuba

    At least the US games and knockout rounds will be available here.

    It would be nice to watch the US team in english. Oh well.
  7. TarheelJTK

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    They definitely should've thought about selling the rights to all games not involving the US to Univision and any games with the US to FSC. I just hope that the picture quality will be better on Univision than it has been for the Confed Cup, it's been pretty lousy compared to what has been on FSC. I guess listening in Spanish is better than nothing.
  8. DAGSports

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    Sep 19, 2003
    The contract is pretty old, I've read on other threads that it dates back to the 90s. Univision usually does not sublicense anything it carries because doing so just damages the potential exposure for Galavision and Telefutura. And let's be honest, this event has never had mass appeal to the non-Mexican audience, otherwise, somebody would have bought a sublicense. Saying that, the contract does expire either after this year's event or the next one, so if SUM really wants it, they can go get it.

    As for picture quality, Univision's picture is usually good, plus the event is in North America, so probably less issues with transmission than usual. :)
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    Oct 1, 1999
  10. Thanks for the link.

    BTW, I do now have what I believe to be nearly the entire first round set to record on TiVo on various Spanish-language channels available on DirecTV.

    I don't lament the lack of English-language coverage because it makes it harder for ME to watch; I lament it because it makes it less likely that others will watch it. There is a perception among sports fans who are not yet sold on soccer that if ESPN is covering it, it's more worthwhile. (Notwithstanding the issues with ESPN's coverage, thoroughly addressed in this subforum.) Additionally, not everyone speaks Spanish, so watching a sport one is not very familiar with AND in another language presents a double barrier that prevents US Soccer from using what could be a huge event as a selling point.

    And don't get me started on the fact that MLS games will run in direct conflict with Gold Cup matches.
  11. Elisa Uranga

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    Jun 14, 2005
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    I tell everyone I speak Spanish futbol or soccer. I keep getting better at understanding these guys - even tho my actual Spanish sucks or is non existent. Better something than nothing.

    Now if we can watch some of the interloto, early CL, etc. that would be great too. :p
  12. The coverage hasn't been horrible except for missing the last 5 minutes of every match (which in US/Cuba meant three goals), which I finally got around to preparing for, by setting the recorder to go 15 extra minutes (60 for the knockout rounds).

    My Spanish is so weak. Its amazing, when Chris Armas or Landon Donovan give an interview in Spanish, I'm like, "holy crap, I'm fluent in Spanish. I understand every word." But then the announcer takes over, and its like, "mira mira mira mira arquero mira mira mira mira," and I'm like, "okay, he said arquero so I think he's talking about the goalie."

    Supposedly, tonight's match has English CC. Does anyone know if DirecTV can accommodate this and if so, how it is done? Thanks in advance.
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    I had the same problem with my VCR since I expected the pregame to be shorter. Oops.
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    Not TV, or US, but anyway...

    Just FYI - and yeah, I know it's only radio and only one game that doesn't feature the US, but if anyone's interested, a Houston English-language sports talk radio station will carry the Mexico v Jamaica game to be played here Wednesday:

    The station streams on-line and you can click on the Listen Live button on their page.
  15. anderson

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    Feb 28, 2002
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    One more English language radio broadcast

    Just FYI - it's still not TV, but Glenn Davis mentioned at the end of his broadcast last night that ESPN 790 in Houston (linked above) will also carry the Mexico v Colombia game on Sunday afternoon.

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