why mls is better than other leagues

Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by kronz21, Apr 28, 2007.

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    Children, play nice. Remember what your moms taught ya, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Now get off my lawn, lol.
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    But on the other hand,draft can spoil MLS teams' serious interests on the youth development of their own.I can't see the right solution.
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    Mar 17, 2006
    well the metrostars at the time had youth devopment, i assume now that there the red bulls they still have youth devopment and there was no rule that you would keep your youth players. iam sure other mls teams did as well...am i wrong???

    you know what might be intreasting is have a draft like the nhl has it, were they usually draft players at 18 and they have the rights to those players and those players can go to a varity of diffrent places before they go to the nhl. amatuar leagues,minor pro leagues,europe and collage are the options. it would be intreasting to have mls have this and have the players go to a youth devopment league, the usl, collage or europe.
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    Did you have to drag this off the third page of the waste bin just to post something that's been discussed. Just read man.

    There are initiatives which will help teams maintain players that they develop. No more Danny S going to the Crew stuff hopefully, (see Ives for thorough discussion). The draft will be there for players who aren't a part of the youth development initiative. The draft won't spoil anyone, it doesn't have that type power in the league. The NBA draft spoils teams but again, just read the thread. The right solution is to organize a complete club. Development and Scouting should coexist, if a club is lacking, its their fault.

    RBNY has Agoos as director and RBNY do have a youth development program. One of their kids just went to Spain, I can double check exactly if necesary but you can go to YA and do it yourself too. Not many other teams have had a youth system, except the Fire and RBNY, since inception. Now MLS initiative mandates that all teams have a youth program, but teams efforts have been met with mixed reviews in some cases, as they just partnered with a local youth club and didn't fabricate their own.

    A draft such as the NHL won't really work unless teams have PDL affiliates and such. You don't want to draft a guy like Needham just to have him go to another club. The NHL has a completely different criteria. The have Juniors leagues and many minor league affiliates. MLS simply doesn't have the structure, or more aptly, the space within the structure, to organize this type of draft. And more to the point, why draft a guy you know you won't use. MLS does not equal NHL, MLB, or NBA.

    Many case studies could be done to contrast, using Sidney Crosby, Adu, Edu, Needham, Lapira and all the different avenues of the different sports, but damn that is tedious and wouldn't really amount to much except what is already established. And that is MLS is its own entity, forging its own ground. Most other sports, much less other league ideas probably won't float.
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    They didn't, so the ball's mine now.


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