Why Kerry Lost: Single Instance

Discussion in 'Elections' started by IntheNet, Nov 7, 2004.

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    On another discussion board...we seemed to agree that the single action causing Kerry's defeat was his Goose Hunting "event" in Ohio! Such a purely media "photo op" act by Kerry demonstrated to voters that he would say and do anything to get elected. A few points: (1) Kerry voted for all gun control bills in Massachusetts; (2) Kerry does not hunt, but only attends these ourdoor adventures for media publicity; (3) Ohio goose hunt was last minute "photo" event as opposed to actual hunt for geese!

    It is hard to find a single instance of Kerry's idiotic campaign as many gleam bright...but this goose hunt "Media Circus" certainly demonstrate that Kerry would and did "say anything and do anything" to get elected. That's probably why he lost!

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    Uh, yea. :confused:

    Definetly spent part of last night drinking with friends talking about the election. Of the 8 at the table, 6 voted for Bush, and not a single one brought that up the entire evening.

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