Why Galaxy failed! From ex-player's mouth.

Discussion in 'LA Galaxy' started by Boricua, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. Boricua

    Boricua New Member

    Jul 5, 2001
    Reseda, CA
    Got this from a spanish paper from an interview with EZ.

    "It is very complicated to analyze what has heppend to the Galaxy, because I believe that they were one of the best teams of the league. But I have talked with some of the players and they told me that the harmony was lost within the group, since the departure of several players, like Mauricio Cienfuegos, the identity of the team was lost. I believe that right now very few feel the weight of the jersey".

    Ain't these guys professionals? They know this happens every year. Some players will come and some will go.

    How long it is going to take these cry babies to adjust to their new players.

    This sounds like bull $h!+ to me.
  2. churchill2000

    churchill2000 3x MLS Cup Champions

    Jul 12, 2004
    Monde Virtuel
    Los Angeles Galaxy
    That's the unique problem with the LA Galaxy, we always have this kind of thing happen.

    Fact is we have too much confusion within the team, I mean when your midfield consists of Cobi Jones, Pete Vagenas, Sasha Victorine, and Marcelo Saragosa, you are bound to have problems.
    The only reason LA wasn't horrible is because of Saragosa, he had a role when he played, that was to be the central sweeper. Which lead to Jones, Vagenas, and Victorine battling for the ball and what to do with the ball.

    Aside from Jones, you don't expect an excellent lob from either Vagenas or Victorine, i.e. they have no major role, other than, not giving the ball away.

    Herzog, was a success because he, like Saragosa, and Jones had roles to play. Being the playmaker, which he was good at.

    However with Herzog gone, Jones' talent and stamina diminishing, Saragosa questionable if he will be in MLS next season, LA has midfield problems to fix.
    Axing Victorine would force the head coach to play Grabavoy, although young, he is one of those players who you can expect to send a good lob to the strikers.

    But that's just my thoughts, personally I think that Victorine should be let go, Vagenas should be kept, even if LA gets to keep Saragosa, and either start playing Ned on the left side or sign Julio Medina, and the midfield would start producing.
  3. cl_hanley

    cl_hanley New Member

    Sep 3, 2001
    Costa Mesa
    I think we should just dump the whole lot and start over. Obviously a little tongue-in-cheek, but I'm exasperated wondering why these guys can't seem to play with heart game in and game out. I watched the DC vs. Revs game and the only thing I could think of was "I wish the Galaxy played with the heart and determination of the Revs." I think there is a cancer that has spread through the whole organization and I think this issue is a worse problem than simple personnel inadequacies. Hopefully we won't have to face the prospect of "rock bottom" seasons like we've seen with DC United, but that may be the only way to kick off the "Great Purge" where we dump the riff raff and lay down attitude we've all seen in our team.
  4. MissingMathis

    MissingMathis New Member

    Oct 20, 2004
    Long Beach CA
    Why does it seem that LA cannot get a player with skill, stamina, and work ethic. Herzog had the skill and the ethic, but not the stamina. Sasha has the work ethic, and the stamina, but not the skill. Ruiz has the skill, but not the work ethic or the stamina. Ezra in his prime seemed to possess all 3 of those skills which is why I still admire him, if we had some more players like him, the Galaxy would be a lot better off
  5. Boricua

    Boricua New Member

    Jul 5, 2001
    Reseda, CA
    I have been thinking the same for some years now. Something might be going on in the locker room that we don't know about.

    Like CL_HANLEY said: "I think we should just dump the whole lot and start over".

    There is only a few old guys in the team and most of them are new.
    If you don't put 100% in the field you should be benched for a couple of games and see if they wake up. If not;trade him. For sure that will get them going again. (maybee).

    I agree also with CHURCHILL2000, Sasha os the let go guy. This should of happend years ago. Sigi is gone so do you.( I never liked his a$$ anyway). If we can get somebody to replace Vagenas I let him go to or be a off the bench sub.

    I can see good hope from the new guys like ngwenya, gravaboy, saragosa, broome and gardner. I will like to see some of these guys in the mid to see how they perform.

    I wont touch our back line. I think is ok like it is (if they can stop joining the attack).

    Up front, Ruiz needs help. The man is tired of doing it by himself. (specially for the amount of cash he gets paid). Sorry, that's another issue.

    Kiro didn't cut it for me this year. He is getting old. I send him packing to Utah and be the big star there. But I don't see that happening.

    My 2 pennies for you.
  6. PZ

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    Apr 11, 1999
    Ipswich Town FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    In this mornings Times, Tim Leiwiki mentions a lack of harmoney in the locker room. Looks like even though it was denied at the time, the players got Sigi canned when they couldn't work together.
  7. dashiel

    dashiel Member+

    Jul 15, 2000
    orange county
    CL, for once we are in total agreement :) this team is finished. leave them all unprotected, who cares.

    i also agree about cien. you guys remember cien in tears in 2000 or 1999? different reasons same passion. did anyone see that from any player at all this season? let alone against KC in a do or die game. cobi had it, herzog had it, but those guys weren't 90 minute players. it constantly pissed me off that the two oldest guys on the team, were the hardest working members of the team.

    so yeah leave them all unprotected, send a message that to be on this team, to where the green and gold, to play at victoria street is an honor. if you don't feel that then get the ******** out.

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