Who makes a cuter couple...??

Discussion in 'Women's Fans and More' started by cm91fan, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. cm91fan

    cm91fan New Member

    Dec 21, 2001
    2 weeks left here
    Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra OR
    Sue Bird and Nick Carter

    Not a big Nick fan personally so I'll of course say Mia and Nomar. (not a big Sue fan either)
  2. *Crazy_Chastain*

    *Crazy_Chastain* New Member

    Mar 19, 2000
    I'm a huge Sue fan, but I can't stand Nick. I'm a huge fan of Mia and Nomar though, so I gotta go w/ them!
  3. FearM9

    FearM9 New Member

    Jul 14, 2000
    On my bike
    What about Dan and Kelly Cagle!?!?!!?!?!?

    Or Charmaine Hooper and her husband?

    Tish and Corky???

    B-Chaz and Mr. B-Chaz?

    The Foudys!?!?
  4. piper

    piper New Member

    Sue and Nick aren't dating.

    As for the other couple, who are they? ;):p

    HEY! Did anyone ever find that pic of Dan Cagle?!
  5. Dianawnt8

    Dianawnt8 New Member

    Jan 4, 2000
    yeah, big no no. they just have the same management company and so they set them up for the ESPYs.

    hey Piper where have you been? under the rock by your woods? lol.

    David Carr is hot :)

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