Who CA Team has most players???

Discussion in 'Central Americans Abroad' started by ottoevans, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. ottoevans

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    Apr 7, 2007
    Which country has the most players playing abroad? And i mean the players that will play for their national team in the future?

    I know Honduras has ....leon,suazo, maynor,Nunez, Guerrero, Alvarez,Costly, Pavon, Caballero, Palacios and a few in central america.

    but what country has the most and who and where?
  2. Guatefc

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    Jun 1, 2005
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    Nat'l Team:
    i think Panama is making a strong case too but its between them and Honduras then CR then Guatemala, then Nica , then Belize, i think ES is the only country without full time Pro's abroad
  3. MoRado

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    Feb 6, 2004
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    Costa Rica
    very interesting question, lets try to answer it

    I think CR has the most player in europe, but i cant be sure

    EUROPE:azofeifa, ruiz, miller, brenes, martinez, saborio, sequeira, r. rodriguez, bolaños, marin, torres
    MLS: wanchope, segares, herron
    MEX rojas

    who am i missing?

    can somebody do the same for panama and honduras?
  4. barcelonafc

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    Apr 26, 2004
    Ciudad de Panamá
    this is form marearoja.com official site of the panama's football federation

    Felipe Baloy
    Club: Monterrey, México
    Posición: Defensa

    Nicolas Muñoz
    Club: Aguila, El Salvador
    Posición: Delantero

    Alberto Zapata
    Club: Islanders, Puerto Rico
    Posición: Delantero

    Gustavo Avila
    Club: Islanders, Puerto Rico
    Posición: Volante

    Victor Herrera Piggot
    Club: Islanders, Puerto Rico
    Posición: Volante

    Luis Gallardo
    Club: Perez Zeledón, Costa Rica
    Posición: Volante

    Amilcar Henriquez
    Club: Asociación Deportiva Santa Cruz, Costa Rica
    Posición: Volante

    Victor Miranda
    Universidad de Costa Rica,
    Posición: Defensa

    Anel Canales
    Técnico Universitario, Ecuador
    Posición: Delantero

    Luis Tejada
    Club: America de Cali, Colombia
    Posición: Delantero

    José Anthony Torres
    Club: Arsenal, Honduras
    Posición: Defensa

    Temistocles Pérez
    Club: Club Deportivo FAS, El Salvador
    Posición: Delantero

    Blas Pérez
    Club: Hercules, España
    Posición: Delantero

    Gabriel Gómez
    Club: Belenenses, Portugal
    Posición: Volante

    José Luis Garcés
    Club: CSKA Sofía, Bulgaria
    Posición: Delantero

    Román Torres
    Club: La Equidad, Colombia
    Posición: Defensa

    Edwin Aguilar
    Club: Tiburones Rojos de COATZACOALCOS
    Posición: Delantero

    Luis Moreno
    Club: Tiburones Rojos de COATZACOALCOS
    Posición: Defensa

    Victor René Mendieta Jr.
    Tigres B de Reynosa, México
    Posicion: Delantero

    Joel Solanilla
    Club: FAS de El Salvador,
    Posición: Defensa

    Jaime Penedo
    Club: Municipal, Guatemala
    Posición: Portero

    Rolando Escobar
    Club: Deportivo Tachira, Venezuela
    Posición: Volante

    Luis Henriquez
    Club: Lech Poznan, Polonia
    Posición: Defensa

    Francisco Portillo
    Club: Once Municipal, El Salvador
    Posición: Portero

    please let me know if I let someone outside this list, seeya

    also I would be very grateful if some tell me any internet adress where I can see the honduras - costa rica game,
  5. La-H

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    Aug 2, 2007

    Major Leagues:

    D. Suazo (Inter Milan, Serie A)
    J.C. De Leon (Genoa, Serie A)
    E. Alvarez (Livorno, Serie A)

    Wilson Palacios (Birmingham FC

    Minor Leagues:

    Elvis Scott (China)
    W. Martinez (China)
    S. Martinez (China)
    S. Caballero (China)

    R. Nunez (MLS)
    C. Pavon (MLS)
    I. Guerrero

    Smaller Leagues:

    William Reyes (El Salvador)

    Unknowns (help):

    1 player in Holland/Belgium 2nd division or something?
  6. Azuran

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    Nov 15, 2006
    Toronto, ON
    Toronto FC
    Nat'l Team:
    You're missing Maynor Suazo (1. FC Koln) and Carlo Costly (Belchatow)
  7. latinpapiincharlotte

    Apr 24, 2006


    Tambien est LUIS RAMOS que juegae en ESLOVAQUIA

    FRANSICSO PAVON que se fue a jugar en la 3rd division de TURQUIA

    Tambien hay un par de jugadores jugando en las RESERVAS de el CALGLAIRI de la SUB 20 if memory serves me well.

    Of course theres a whole bunch of HONDURAN players scattered around in the SALVADOREAN LEAGUE along with the NICA LEAGUE and THE GUATEMALAN LEAGUE also.
  8. La-H

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    Aug 2, 2007
    Good call on all of these, that is what I was referring to. Links for any of these?
  9. La-H

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    Aug 2, 2007
    Honduras exports most

    From Honduran press, despite that, it is a close race. However, Hondurans are playing in the best leagues. All potential first and second string midfield and forwards play abroad (the first string all plays in Europe: Italy, England, Germany, Poland).




    ------M. Suazo---W. Palacios-----

    We have two defenders playing abroad: Guerrero, and Caballero. We need more!!

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