While I'm pissed off...Our Website is a joke.

Discussion in 'Columbus Crew' started by hangthadj, Nov 13, 2003.

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    So I go there to see if there is anything different than the standrad press release and the first thing I see are LA and San Jose logos. The top story is FSW reairing a game that doesn't involve our team.

    Fine choice dickheads.
  2. Kryptonite

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    Just below the LA and SJ rebroadcast info, I stumbled across this:

    A standard f'ing press release

    In fact, if you look closely, it's the same damn thing from MLSnet.com
  3. Bill Archer

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    And Chris Bergin reprints it wholesale as well.


    Crewboy Crig will make it unanimous in the morning.

    Smith is still hiding under his desk, the little piece of crap. He has the press office fax this around so he wouldn't have to answer questions.

    Those of you who have writing experience recognize this abominable pile of crap: a few people sat around carefully choosing their words until they got it just right. It's committee writing at it's finest.

    The Crew just can't be honest any more.

    Piss off, Smith. You've worn out your welcome. Take that pathetic little piece of hair on your upper lip and go away.

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