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Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by JRedknapp11, Aug 26, 2002.

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    Dec 5, 2001
    Was curious on how you guys feel about Ray Hudson. I say this not to knock you, but Ray hasn't been given a whole lot to work with.

    Too me it seems like Ray is going to make a total rehaul of the club next season. I live part time here in South Fla and was lucky enough to see a bunch of Fusion matches and also follow them closely in the media. Obviously we can sit here all day and compare how different the Fusion and your current Utd players are, but to me it seems Ray is taking a pretty similar path.

    I am not too up to date on your players contracts, but again from my point of view it seems like he going to strip the club down come the end of the season. I really don't want to focus in on Gazza yet again...however it seems like Ray is trying to keep an open door to him. Also the fact that he hasn't signed for anyone yet and also stating that he just wants to play winter football. Seems like the writting is on the wall for his re arrival.

    Your defense is in fairly good shape and I wouldn't change much to it come next year. The midfield is where you guys fall off the charts. El Diablo really needs some support in the midfield...I'd even push Moreno in the center with Marco. Both those guys know each other all too well and Moreno's speed and touch for the goal would compliment Marco pretty well. If that were to happen then the bat signal needs to be put up over capital , calling out to all available forwards from across the globe. Having Olsen on the wing with both Bolivians in the middle would really give you one of the better midfields around.

    With the so called signing of Zambrano and it was only for the year, it had me wondering if Hudson possibly had his real signing waiting in the wings for next season. You guys should have two open SI spots come next year and to me it's hard to believe that Ray hasn't already looked into those options.

    You guys are just going through the motions of building for the future ... thankfully though Ray is the right man to put you to that next level.

    So what do you guys think... who do u want out and who do you want in ... and who sould be moved to another position ?

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