Where can I see good football in Kenya / Tanzania / East Africa

Discussion in 'Africa' started by glennaldo_sf, Jul 8, 2005.

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    Hey guys, I know this isn't the lonely planet thorn tree but I'm off to Kenya in two weeks time. Will be starting off in Nairobi and heading down to Tanzania, maybe make it around to Rwanda / Uganda. Don't know for sure. I've got a month so we'll see. Just wondering if there are any posters here that follow the game there and if so, any suggestions about any upcoming must see fixtures? I'd like to catch at least a game so any advice on who the big teams are, where to catch games, etc would be most appreciated.

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    Kenya plays a home game against Tunisia for World Cup Qualifying coming up. I dunno if you'll still be there for it though, it's not until like August or September.
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    That game is on september 2. Im actually going to the tunisia home game against kenya on august 17.

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