Post-match: What we learned from the Summer Series (Bol, Ire, Fra)

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    oh yeah go to honduras needing a win and barely getting a draw...which is what happened talk all you want about how the us could've done this or that...they should've won that away match if they could do whatever they wanted...if they had they would've gone to the world cup....some irony to put it mildly.
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    Hey Mr. Revisionist History, the US beat the pants off Honduras. Was Honduras going to score 6 goals at home against the US? No? Then what I said stands. Fact is, both teams are watching from the couch, and these hypotheticals are all absurd. Your hypothetical assertions are just marginally stupider than my own.
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    Jul 6, 2006
    not at all my point is factual and on point.

    you on the other may be right had the us needed those three points in honduras they would've done it the world cup isn't important at all. Remember that the match in the us for honduras was literally a scrimmage it didn't matter at all thats not a match they expected to get points. Say what you want they finished ahead of the us.
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    We learned that we're awesome in friendlies and that Ireland is still our bête noire.

    Also that if there's any hope, it's with the proleskids.

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