What is the most you would give for Steve Ralston?

Discussion in 'San Jose Earthquakes' started by living_ded_boy, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. living_ded_boy

    living_ded_boy New Member

    May 24, 2001
    Pleasanton, Ca
    I think with the youth that we have we could give up alot, I would hate to have to give up Robinson, heir to the Agoos throne.
  2. Richter Boy

    Richter Boy New Member

    Mar 1, 2000
    Soulard, STL
    LBD- I like you and all, but what the heck is your obsession with Steve Ralston? I have always liked his skill, but your constant posting about him is making me feel icky.

    CUT LUCCI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. living_ded_boy

    living_ded_boy New Member

    May 24, 2001
    Pleasanton, Ca

    Ralston is the prototypical Quake player.....my "obsession" is because this guy is the second to the last part of the perfect puzzle. He is a poised, unselfish, skilled, possession type player. When we had NO midfield I admired Ralston and Lagos in Tampa Bay and wished we could have midfieldes like that. Now we have three and we need one more. If we don't get a guy like him, you may be watching the (Portland or Seattle) Quakes in person up there. As much as I like you, I don't want that. I think a majority of our fans are in love with our record and our home winning streak. At the end of the season they will be sitting at the Brit with there chin on the floor wondering how the Metrostars could beat the owners of the best record in MLS.....then they will start saying how we would have won with a better right mid and or right back. There is alot more on the line than defending our title and we need to get serious about it.
  4. ThreeApples

    ThreeApples Member+

    Jul 28, 1999
    Smurf Village
    San Jose Earthquakes
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    United States
    The Revs will not trade Ralston, because they still harbor dreams of making the playoffs. The trade deadline is next Thursday.
  5. living_ded_boy

    living_ded_boy New Member

    May 24, 2001
    Pleasanton, Ca

    I know this, I use his name because I am amazed that so many wouldn't trade for him if they could and it kinda proves that they are emotionally attached to all the Quakes or they are not aware of how good Ralston actually is. I think you know how good he is but are looking at it realistically, which this pole is not.

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