We're short. We're blue. We're SMURFS!!!

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    Spencer - Papa Smurf - He uses his wisdom to advise rather than tell people what to do. He often rescues the younger Smurfs from danger.

    Carrieri - Snappy - Snappy lives up to his name by being a ball of energy. He goes absolutely berserk when he doesn’t get his way. He is so impatient and bad-tempered that only Papa Smurf can calm him down

    Nat Borchers - Nat - Nat loves nature, and more than anything else he is crazy about animals. Of all his furry and feathered friends, he prefers the caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. Barefoot and wearing a straw hat, Nat is a genuine ecolosmurf. Never realized there was a smurf named Nat

    Dan Counce - Gargamel - Living in a dilapidated hovel on the edge of the forest, Gargamel the horrible sorcerer is evil, cunning and two-faced wizard. He hates the Smurfs and is constantly in pursuit of them but the Smurfs always outwit him and manage to escape. After each setback Gargamel swears he shall be revenged.

    Hanki - Azrael - This mangy cat is Gargamel’s ‘underdog’. He follows Gargamel around hoping someday his master will catch a nice and appetizing little Smurf, but in vain. Azrael is stupid and evil….. like his master.
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    I think you found a new tag line...;)

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