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    Dec 5, 2001
    The following is an updated team-by-team injury overview for Week 21 ...

    CHICAGO FIRE - OUT: M Chris Armas (torn ACL-R), M Sergi Daniv (turf toe-R), M Peter Nowak (sprained MCL-L), F Mike Nugent (torn meniscus-L), D Evan Whitfield (torn ACL-L)

    COLUMBUS CREW - OUT: M John Harkes (sprained MCL-R), M John Wilmar Perez (sprained MCL-L) F Brian McBride (sprained ankle-L); QUESTIONABLE: D Mike Clark (strained hamstring-R), D Eric Denton (sprained ankle-L)

    D.C. UNITED - OUT: GK Mike Ammann (elbow surgery), F Santino Quaranta (abdominal hernia surgery)

    METROSTARS - OUT: D Marcelo Balboa (knee bone bruise-R), M Tab Ramos (torn hamstring-L); F Mamadou Diallo (strained lower abdominal); QUESTIONABLE: M/F Clint Mathis (torn meniscus & sprained MCL-R), PROBABLE: M Brad Davis (partial tear, plantar fascia-L)

    NEW ENGLAND REVOLUTION - OUT: F Diego Serna (torn ACL & meniscus-L); QUESTIONABLE: D Brian Kamler (strained MCL-R), D Rusty Pierce (strained groin-L)

    COLORADO RAPIDS - OUT: GK Scott Garlick (fractured thumb-L); PROBABLE: F John Spencer (knee contusion-L)

    DALLAS BURN - OUT: GK D.J. Countess (shoulder surgery-L), D Chris Gbandi (knee surgery-L)

    KANSAS CITY WIZARDS - OUT: D Jose Burciaga (torn ACL-L); QUESTIONABLE: F Igor Simutenkov (foot inflammation-L); PROBABLE: D Diego Gutierrez (fractured eye orbital-L)

    LOS ANGELES GALAXY - OUT: F Isaias Bardales (knee sprain-R); PROBABLE: F Chris Albright (strained hamstring-R)

    SAN JOSE EARTHQUAKES - OUT: M Scott Bower (partial peroneal nerve palsy-R), D Troy Dayak (strained groin-L);

    Player/Coach Team Suspension Reason

    Richie Williams D.C. United 8/17 vs. SJ 21 caution pts
    Joe Addo MetroStars 8/17 vs. DAL Red Card
    Jimmy Conrad San Jose Earthquakes 8/17 vs. DC 11 pts in three


    Player/Coach Team Reason
    Jim Curtin Chicago Fire 21 caution pts
    Robin Fraser Colorado Rapids 21 caution pts
    Pablo Mastroeni Colorado Rapids 21 caution pts
    Jeff Stewart Colorado Rapids 21 caution pts
    Mike Clark Columbus Crew 21 caution pts
    Brian Maisonneuve Columbus Crew 21 caution pts
    Duncan Oughton Columbus Crew 21 caution pts
    Daniel Torres Columbus Crew 11 pts in three games
    Jason Kreis Dallas Burn 21 caution pts
    Ryan Suarez Dallas Burn 21 caution pts
    Santino Quaranta D.C.United 11 pts in three games
    Milton Reyes D.C. United 21 caution pts
    Nick Garcia Kansas City Wizards 21 caution pts
    Carlos Ruiz Los Angeles Galaxy 21 caution pts
    Mike Petke MetroStars 21 caution pts
    Steve Ralston NE Revolution 21 caution pts
    Jimmy Conrad SJ Earthquakes Additional 11 pts in three games
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    Mar 5, 2002
    Can someone explain why some guys who have 21 pts are on the suspension list and others on the warning? Have the players on the warning list already served suspensions?
  3. feuerfex

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    Apr 21, 2001
    Those on the suspended list have already received whatever points are listed and are serving their suspension.

    Those on the warning list have not yet received the points listed, but will if they receive a yellow in their next match (and thus be suspended for the following match).

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