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Discussion in 'Everton' started by Pigs, Aug 13, 2017.

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    M.O.T.M yesterday for me. In what was a pretty dull and scrappy game. Everton are looking like a team that has been thrown together, and I don't know what tactics Koeman was playing in the second half. But when he was forced to change things through Williams injury, we looked more stable.

    But it looked like Rooney was the only one who was making things happen and he showed that he was a class above everyone else. Pickford looked solid, and made a great save. Gueye was his usual self, being the first to the ball and closing down opponents. Martina looks like a player that can only cross the ball and nothing else. We desperately need Coleman back.

    I think Rooney will bag 15 goals this season, which would be a good return. His leadership is what is needed to bring the younger players through. And despite what Man Utd fans think, I think he'll be a good signing.

    We just need a target man. That should be the priority before the window closes.
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