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    She was destined for greatness with Tom. Now, Ellis is making her into the new peanut vendor. Kling is horrible. No way she is more complete than Dunn, esp after the torching VW gave her.
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    What I don"t understand is no PT at all. Last match with her skills as a midfielder/defender it seems she would have been a better sub than Rapinoe.
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    No, no -- all midfielders must be center midfielders, and the team already has Lloyd, Holiday, Brian, Boxx, etc. No wing play allowed.
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    Steven Goff

    forward Tara McKeown, the Washington Spirit's eighth overall draft pick who this spring completed her NCAA career, has agreed to contract terms with the NWSL club. Awaiting league approval. Eight goals, eight assists in 14 matches for USC Trojans.
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    ...6 years between posts?

    How is Trinity doing?

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