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Discussion in 'Sacramento Republic FC' started by Knave, Jan 28, 2014.

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    You should listen to the entire interview: http://www.mlssoccer.com/extratime

    A few quick bits of news.

    First, Smith suggested that the stadium plans are all now approved.

    Second, it sounds like the team will begin the season with an extended road trip while the stadium is completed.

    Third, and most interesting, he stated directly that MLS was involved in the decision to build the new modular stadium. MLS didn't want this team to play in a college football stadium. MLS wanted the team in a real soccer venue.

    As I said on MLSN&A, I think the league's involvement in the decision to build a new stadium at Cal Expo is probably the first concrete indication we've seen that MLS has a genuine interest in Sacramento as an expansion candidate.
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    Awesome! When I spoke with Warren briefly a couple of months ago, the subject of MLS came up and that Garber had told him that "the league was watching" and to "keep doing what you're doing." It's certainly encouraging, but sadly we're not competing for an expansion slot in a vaccuum..
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    Listened to a podcast with Kaval from the Quakes. Among other things discussed, he flat out said the Quakes would not support another MLS club in the Bay area (Quakes market as he put it), but stated that we could see an MLS club in Sacto here in the future. This kind of answers the question whether Sacramento would have a problem from the Earthquakes regarding pushback on an MLs club in the Sacto valley.

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