Walter Samuel - a Boca legend - retires from the game

Discussion in 'Boca Juniors' started by argentine soccer fan, May 2, 2016.

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    Former Boca Juniors defender Walter Samuel announced his retirement from the game after adding yet another title to his prolific career. At age 38 he helped Basel FC win the Swiss title.

    Samuel won two Argentine titles and a Copa Libertadores with Boca Juniors, before moving on to win 17 more titles in Europe, where he also played for Real Madrid, Roma and Inter de Milan.

    For Argentina Samuel played in two world cups.

    "El Muro" is also remembered for scoring a key goal against America de Mexico in the 2000 Copa Libertadores, on the way to winning the title that year.


    Salud, Walter Samuel, una legenda de Boca y del futbol mundial.
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    El Rata and El Muro are two Boca legends that ran themselves into the ground for the crest. Never seeking the fame. Just loved playing football.
    I recall some former Argentine trainer circa 2002 best described Samuel "El es tipo una maquina, piense en futbol, ni mujeres, ni riquezas. Solo el futbol." Something like that from years back as I best recall.

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