Views from da street (R) First Division edition.

Discussion in 'Other Divisions' started by SJEarthquakes25, Aug 11, 2002.

  1. The kickoff to the First Division has been action packed with some sick strikes by all that scored today. Most people got what they wanted as Sky Sports News showed some goal action from all three divisions in the Nationwide.

    Speaking of goals, whats up with Millwall? They got absolutely hammered by a Rotherham side that barely dodged relegation last season. I've always thought of Millwall as the class of the First Division these days but The Millers put the hurt on them. The 6-nil humiliation will prove to be history as i've never...ever even heard of Millwall losing that bad at home. Darren Byfield struck four times in the match. Could this be the start of a run with the likes of Sturridge,Christie,Bent and Zamora for the First Division golden boot award? It doesn't seem likely though. Lets see if this could spark a string of good results that should keep them free of relegation talk this year. Maybe Mid-table?

    Ipswich,Derby and Leicester cruised to shutting out their counterparts with ease. The question is whether those Premiership relegated clubs can hold on to their star players that will be crucial to immediate promotion. All three clubs (in my view) cannot afford another season in the Nationwide and that's that. The fact is that theres really no money in the game right now. Clubs are splurging as much as before, especially in Spain and Italy. As expected the pressure will increase on those clubs to sell and those players aren't going for cheap either.

    As for predictions, Town will be promoted this season for sure. So will Derby, if they can keep their young stars such as Riggott and the sensational Malcolm Christie. Ravanelli can go in my view. (despite his performance this afternoon)
    Wolves could easily be the champions of this division but I don't see it happening. Look for either Ipswich or Derby to win it. Norwich will raise some hell this season. I can see it already in their 4-nil victory over Grimsby. Even though I hate them (for obvious reasons), they're gonna do well this season. Expect Portsmouth,Crystal Palace and Preston to make some noise as well.

    The grim reality of relegation will face the following teams:


    Now thats just my opinion. Wimbledon just as easily could finish mid-table but it doesn't seem on the cards for them. The Mariners aren't anything special at all to me. They get hammered by the quality sides of the division and they'll struggle against the others. I'll get my good look at how Bradford will play against Wolves.

    The East Anglian Derby will be something to look out for this year. City has something to prove to Town. It's too close to close call who will win in both legs but I have a feeling that the Blues will come out on top. Good thing the Sky TV cameras will be in place to witness the most intense rivalry that the First Division has going. I'm looking forward to it.

    Next up for ITFC is a trip to Luxembourg to take on FC Avenir Beggen in the qualifying round of the UEFA Cup. Away legs of European cup ties can always be tricky but Town shouldn't have any trouble in this one. Until next time, support your clubs and hope for the best from them.

    P.S. Please send a daily message to the FSW or Nick Webster requesting that they acquire the rights to the Nationwide League.

    Peace out!!!
  2. Correction

    When talking about money in the game, I meant that clubs "ARENT" splurging as much as before. Sorry for the mistake.
  3. BrianCappellieri

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    Feb 11, 2002
    Are you living on da street? :confused:
  4. No, I do not live on da street. Just streetwise opinions of the First Division from yours truly.
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    May 21, 2002
    A few points...

    1. Mark McGhee alluded to some "dark things" off the pitch being a major factor in Millwall's performance. He didn't expand but the jist of the comments seems to have been that certain players, for whatever reason, did not have their hearts in the football match. Serious problems at the New Den, by the sounds of it.

    2. Ipswich comfortably beat one of the weaker sides (with no disrespect to Wallsall) in the division. Read nothing into that result. Derby struggled for over an hour to break down a newly promoted side, and then ran out easy winners at home. I wouldn't read too much into that one, either. Leicester, very much the same. Poor in the first half, but in the end class told against weak opposition. As none of the relegated sides really had a baptism of fire, I would hold off over-rating them until they've played at least one or two of the better teams. None of the three particularly strike fear into most people's hearts, and I would NOT say they were streets ahead of the top teams in the first division. All will be thereabouts, I agree, but there is no Man City around this year to run away with the league.

    3. Nigel Worthington at Norwich could easily be this years Gary Megson. He certainly has his team sorted.

    4. Portsmouth will flatter to deceive. When the going gets tough, expect them to disappear. Paul Merson may be class, but when the pitches get heavy and he tires of being the division's "marked man" (no small burden for a mid thirties player), expect Harry Redknapps band of Premiership re-treads to show you exactly whey they didn't make it a the higher level. Portsmouth will do better than they did last year, and that's about it.

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