USWNT v South Korea, Oct 19 and 22, pre/pbp/post

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    83' 6-0 Rapinoe harasses at 10m mid-right, pokes ball away and chases to 2m mid-right, stops ball and turns to face far touch. Ball trickles to 0.5m, Rapinoe scoops a cross over Kim Jung-Mi -- Kim reaches high, but only slaps ball across to 2m mid-left. Horan lurks thereat, one-touch backpass to 9m left post. Long is unmarked thereat, one-touch right instep across mouth, under Kim into 1/4 right back low.

    FT 6-0. This NC crowd must have amped up the team.
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    Thank you Smallchief. I wasn't able to watch the game today but I see Sofia Huerta played the whole game.

    Does anyone else have comments on how she played today? It would be interesting to read.

    Her normal position is not defender on the CRS so I am curious as to how quickly she is learning this position and if you guys think she is good enough to continue getting looks. We like her a lot in Chicago but trying to make the roster of the USWNT is a different ball game.

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    I watched and thought she did well as an outside back, from a defense perspective. Surprisingly, I thought she didn't do so well when she moved up in the attack. She seemed too prone to want to kick no-target crosses into the middle. But, I think she needs more time and experience with the team, she's young. Also, she's competing for the same position as Taylor Smith, who has impressed me when she played with the team. Time will tell ....
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    Huerta didn't have a lot of influence on the game. The US has a tendency to play toward the left side of the field, especially when Rapinoe is in the game, and Huerta was ignored on the right for much of the game. Likewise, as Korea's was mostly defending on the U.S.'s left , its players were mostly there, and Huerta didn't have too many defensive duties.

    As a comment on strategy, Rapinoe should shift to the right flank more often and try to catch the other team's defense off guard. She and O'Reilly used to do that.

    I recall that Huerta made several long through passes up the sideline to streaking forwards, mostly Williams and got forward to the endline a few times, winning a corner or two, or putting a good cross or two into the center of the field. Huerta demonstrated that she can boot that ball a goodly distance with either foot.
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    different eyes...just the opposite.

    to me she hits them with pace and little float. that's why she became the ck taker for the courage, and now even sometimes for the wnt.
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    I lost count of how many corners she had this year that floated so much that the keeper had plenty of time to get to them without any difficulty.
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    Sulli's been looking pretty good for Stanford and in her USWNT half.

    Rose hasn't been back on the field except for about 10 minutes for the Breakers. I'm concerned/sad that she's not on the roster for the games vs. Canada.
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