News: USWNT games will be cancelled due to Coronavirus

Discussion in 'USA Women: News and Analysis' started by McSkillz, Mar 12, 2020.

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    Expected and Smart.
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    Gee, they canceled matches one day too late. All it would take is just one infected and contagious person in the huge crowd at US vs Japan to have infected 20-30 more and those people then go to diverse parts of the nation and then infect 10 -20 more each and the small impact we currently are seeing jumps to a real nationwide problem.

    This coronavirus is very dangerous and people seem to, in some cases, even transmit the disease without having symptoms. The USSF rolled the dice with everyone at the last match and risked the lives of everyone that attended to get one more payday. At least the match should have been played without fans in attendance.

    Probably there will be no one infected from the match but the USSF should not have taken the risk.
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    If you already bought tickets, they're being refunded:

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    My tour was canceled today and I’m going home for I don’t know how long.
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    All US Development Soccer games are also being cancelled.

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