USA vs El Salvador 2/24/2010

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    Tomorrow we're meeting at the Banshee to watch USA vs El Salvador. We know it's not gonna feature the starters but it's still an important match that will determine the final 3 or spots on the World Cup squad. The match begins at 7pm. There will be some food/drink specials though we're not sure of exactly what. We'll update you with that tomorrow.

    - America Scores New England Events
    Our friends at America Scores are always out doing great things in the Boston soccer community and here are few of their upcoming events.

    Thrusday, February 25, 2010
    Karaoke to support the America Scores Boston Marathon Team!
    Kinsale Irish Pub
    2 Center Plaza, Boston, MA
    Government Center T
    Appetizers will be provided and a $5 donation is suggested at the door

    America Scores is an official charity involved in the Boston Marathon and they're looking for 15 dedicated riders. Read more about their Boston Marathon plans here.

    - World Cup Send Off Series

    Two teams have been scheduled for the traditional three game send off series: Turkey and Czech Republic. The Czech Republic game is scheduled for May 25th and the location is still undetermined but the rumors are it may be in Hartford.

    Turkey is scheduled for May 29th in Philadelphia, PA and we're planning on bringing a decently sized contingent to the game. Info on tickets here. AO Philly will surely put on an epic tailgate like they did for the Panama game.

    - Going to any games?

    Are you going to any games abroad? Amsterdam? Let us know so we can help connect you with other fans abroad!

    - Great article on AO in the Original Winger Blog Your AO Boston is featured!

    - World Cup Bar Plans
    We're in the process of working out plans with the Banshee and Phoenix Landing for World Cup viewings but we want input from you guys. Where are you planning on watching the World Cup? What would you like to see at the bars? We're going to be putting up USA stuff so let us know if you're interested in helping out with us.

    - And the new AO Podcast is now available for download from iTunes.


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