Post-match: USA VS Costa Rica 10/13/21

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    I watched the Panama and CR games more than once.
    Musah wasn't as effective in the Panama game. He looked a bit uninterested. He did not play with the same fire as he did against CR. Why? Could it be because the other mids weren't up to par with his game? Why would he play much better in the CR game with tired legs? I think having Adams and Mcknnie made the difference. Those are the players he sign up for when he decided to switch.
    He should be playing at his usual level no matter the teammates. I think because he is young, he tends to mail it in if he doesn't like the flow of the game.
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    Also, crappy locker rooms and a crappy field. It feels like you are playing in the Slovenian second division yet the intensity of the fans and the opposition players makes it feel like they believe they are playing El Clasico. That disconnect can cause problems for a young player only used to high end competition.
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    I think he got confused and had to think about every pass.

    There is a pattern the USMNT run, in build out, where the ball comes in to Musah in the Jamaica game. He knows, if he turns, then Jedi is open up the field on the left for the switch. The first time Musah gets the ball against Panama, he turns, then looks to feed Bello for the switch. But Bello is 30 yards behind the play, he hasn't taken the space. Yunus then continues his dribble with no passing option and is dispossessed. This happens (not Bello but other culprits) then next time he gets the ball. Realizing he can't keep giving the ball away, he plays more secure which is not as dynamic.
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    This is a really good observation and how a good player can be made to look poor by teammates. Another thing I look at when did a player score. Seems a lot can add goals after someone does the first but that first goal or goals when tied or behind aren't so easy as the pressure is higher.
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