USA v Mexico ADVISORY (must read for all)

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    With the crunch USA v Mexico World Cup Qualifier coming up on Spetember 3rd, BigSoccer -- and all of the USA Men's forums, especially -- should be approaching a fever pitch long before Labor Day Weekend.

    So with that in mind, the following should be highly important to keep in mind for all of us:

    • As much as we'd all like to stick to analyzing the upcoming match and the lineups and all the nuances of what's about to happen as closely as possible, I think we'd all be naive to think that everything's going to go according to plan.

    • Banter is fun, especially in a regional rivalry as passionate as this -- but the antagonism that goes with trolling, flaming, baiting and personal attacks is not. Please note that the mods of this forum (myself included) will be monitoring this type of behavior closer than usual, and if we ask you to cool it on that, we mean it. Or else be prepared to cop the consequences.

    • No spoilers -- not even with :( or :D or :mad: smilies, as that may even imply a matchday result (a bit of courtesy for those taping or Tivo-ing the match would be greatly appreciated).

    • The act of name-calling is especially a no-no, under the guise of constituting personal attacks. In fact, the postings of racial/ethnic slurs and/or stereotypes will bring an instant yellow card.

    Note also that any violations of the above might bring a yellow card and/or forum ban quicker than usual, under the circumstances of the upcoming match.

    It should also be advised that in addition to this warning towards opposition supporters on the USA Men's forums, these guidelines will also be enforced against fans of the USMNT who choose to post on the Mexico or CONCACAF forums as well.

    The upcoming match promises to serve as a memorable ocassion, but as long as we all work together to keep it fun for everyone.

    Kindest regards,
    (co-moderator, USA Men's forums)

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