USA v. CZE - Tue May 25, 7:00 PM CDT - Trinity Hall M'bird

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  1. IT IS TIME.

    At the end of The Lion King, Rafiki quietly shook his rattle, subtely motioned for Simba, the rightful king, to ascend Pride Rock, and softly spoke these words:

    "It is time."

    Ladies and gentlemen; followers of the American Outlaws, Sam's Army, and The Inferno; fans of FC Dallas: It is time.

    It is time for us to shake our rattles, vuvuzelas, drums, flags, banners, and voices. It is time for us to motion the way.

    It is time for the United States Men's National Team to assume our rightful place at the Top of the Rock, finish what we started last summer, and roar over the kingdom as only the rightful kings can!

    Join the American Outlaws and FC Dallas as we take the first few steps on a crazy ride of a lifetime, one for the ages, one that will be remembered, literally, forever.

    FOR THE HUGEST DALLAS SOCCER STORY EVER: It's been announced! Details at!

    STEP 1: The USMNT prepares for the Big Tourney with a pair of friendlies starting off with reversing the horrid result against 2006 foe Czech Republic. The Czechs were the favorites in their UEFA qualifying group, but surprisingly were eliminated by winners Slovakia and 2010 USA group foe Slovenia.

    WHAT: FIFA International Friendly and World Cup 2010 Send-Off Tour

    WHEN: Tuesday, May 25; kickoff 7:00 PM CDT

    WHERE: Trinity Hall Irish Pub - Mockingbird Station

    KEVIN LINDSTROM: If anything big happens, he's the name you'll need to know. Contact Kevin at or 214-705-6748 and get on his email list. You'll want to be first in line.

    TICKET DISCOUNTS: For FC Dallas ticket discounts, go to our chapter website and find out how to get over 25% off your FC Dallas game tickets!

    NIKE COMMERCIAL: Probably the coolest commercial I've ever seen. Ever. [ame=""]Watch it here[/ame].

    OTHER VENUES: All of FC Dallas's pub partners will be showing this match, as well as Champp's in Addison and Irving, and the McKinney Avenue Tavern. We hope to see you at Trinity Hall, but any one of these venues will be showing these and all World Cup matches.

    It is time. See you Tuesday!

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