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    Sorry for the late notice - here is the information for anyone wanting to join Sam's Army for this game on Nov. 2 at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

    Call Brett Marshall with the Dallas Burn. His direct number is 214 777 0206.

    For those not familiar - Sam's Army has traditionally been the supporters club for the US MNT, but there are members who are fans of the WNT as well. While we have had some success at different venues, we are still trying to get to the point where we have a similar turnout for the WNT as we do for the MNT (usually 500 or so for big games, as small as 50 for minor friendlies, etc.)

    We're not into violence or any of the negative stereotypes of your foreign supporters clubs. Most of us are no different than the average fan - we're just applying what we learned in college and high school about supporting various teams (football, basketball, etc.) to soccer. And we would love for any and all to join us. We thrive on new ideas and new visions of supporting soccer - all are welcome.

    As usual, we are located away from the center of the field so as to not overpower the stadium, but it is always a lot of fun. Feel free to email me or visit the Sam's Army webpage ( if you have any questions.


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