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Discussion in 'US Open Cup' started by Enforcer, Aug 8, 2002.

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    Jun 19, 2002
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    As you probably now know the Wizards defeated the Rampage 2-0 in the last quaterfinal. I was at the game, which had a record crowd of 6,275. The Rampag were very dissapointing. The goal in the second minute by Eric Quill really managed to put the crowd out of the game early on. Preki's goal was a fabulous strike and angled in real nicely. Problem is the Rampage just seemed shellshocked and never got back in it. We had some calls go against us, a goal was called back for a questionable push. There was one point when a penalty could have been awarded but wasn't, and the ref's were very leniant in handing out cards to Wizards players for infractions. I was two rows behind Boro Sucecvic and he was justifiablly angry for much of the match. On the whole we were badly defeated in the possession battle, and struggled to generate more than a handful of really good chances. The win over Chicago earlier this year was magical, as was our close loss to San Jose last year on PK's (well not magical, but enthralling). On saturday the Rampage just did not have it. The small contingent of Wizards fans that showed up were noisy and colorful, much more so than the Rampage supporters. The sound system had to be on low because Franklin residents complain, so I could not hear the PA well. All in all a good time because it was a full house and a chance to see an MLS team.
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    I was one of those noisey and colorfully fans you described. That was the best road trips ever! The fanatic upgrade was the best thing ever. Tell me how well could you hear the "Were drunk and we know we are" chant.
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    I was also at that game. Very dissapointing for the Rampage who can really play better than that. Yes they did have calls against them. Those refs were pretty bad. I never saw the linesman near the benches make any calls, and there should have been a penalty if not two. But mostly after the first goal, it took everything out of the Rampage. The Rampage need to get a fan group such as KC's or the Fires. I was at the Chicago Fire game, and thought it was great when they lit up the flares. The rampage simply don't have a rowdy section. I usually sit behind the goal and heckle the keeper, but it would be a lot better if say 20 or more people were doing it. Well that's my useless ramble.

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