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    Normally we'd start threads like this in January, but considering how mess up 2020 has been, I figure let's just move on as soon as we can, right?

    About a month ago, UWS announced the addition of a new Central conference, currently including four teams in the heartland: Gretna Elite Academy (Omaha, NE), KC Courage (Overland Park, KS), Springfield Demize (Springfield, MO), and St. Louis Scott Gallagher (St. Louis, MO). From what I know, the Courgae and Demize are well-known lower-division organizations, with both moving to UWC from WPSL and the Demize having one or two associated men's teams. Scott Gallagher is the youth organization that was formed at the same time as the St. Louis Athletica (WPS) and AC St. Louis (USSFD2) and survived the collapse of both of those other branches of the organization, with Scott Gallagher leadership since involved with St. Louis FC (USLC) and the upcoming St. Louis City FC (MLS). UWS has also seen massive planned growth in their League 2, plus a new team based in SLC,UT joining the first league's West conference.

    I haven't seen much news about 2021 on the WPSL site yet aside from the addition of on NYC-area club that also has a men's (UPSL) team.

    The women's UPSL site has nothing new.

    Not much has happened in Puerto Rico, which everything having been canceled back in August. The league will have a new trophy next year, though! Also, it seems like the women's Sol team was training as recently as last week, maybe for some planned friendlies? The men's Sol team just played against the Houston Dynamo academy the other day.

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