Upcoming Russia vs. Ireland Euro 2004 Qualifier

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  1. VLAD

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    Jan 11, 2001
    Upcoming Ireland Qualifier

    Any updates on the team for the Ireland match.

    I think a tie would be a good result at this moment. Things seem a bet unclear on the Russian team. Can anyone give me a quick analysis

    Zenit? Shurik? Anyone?
  2. Zenit

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    Jun 3, 2000
    Above the Tear Line
    Zenit St Petersburg
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    United States
    Well, in normal times I would suspect more of the same lineup that we saw vs. Sweden. But this ain't normal times. Titov is out injured (no great loss, IMHO), Izmailov is injured as well (BIG loss), and of course Sychev has been dropped because of the contract row between him & Spartak. I'm no big fan of the Meat, but I have to say that Sychev sure is acting strange -- if he wants to go, fine, but at least let the club pay him a decent wage for now and shop him on the transfer market, much like Loko did with Nigmatullin. Dmitri Sennikov is out, as well, so Viktor Onopko's retirement party was a bit premature, unfortunately.

    Here's the 24 man squad:

    Ovchinnikov, Nigmatullin, Ignashevitch, Nizhegorodov, Dayev, Evsikov, Kovtun, Onopko, Smertin, Yanovskiy, Gusev, Solomatin, Semak, Loskov, Khokhlov, Karyaka, Arshavin, Semshov, Aldonin, Laktionov, Pimenov, Kerzhakov, Popov, Beschastnykh

    Ireland looks to have pretty much a full squad: Richard Dunne (Man City) and Andy O'Brien (Newcastle) the only notables missing:

    Given, Kiely, Colgan, Harte, Breen, Kelly, Cunningham, Finnan, O'Shea, Babb, McAteer, Holland, Kilbane, Healy, Kinsella, Carsley, Delap, McPhail, Robbie Keane, Duff, Morrison, Doherty

    On paper -- I'd have to say a draw would be a good result for the home side. But if Gazzayev can resist the temptation to give someone like Beschastnykh significant playing time and give the young horses (Pimenov, Kerzhakov) the opportunity to run with service from what is still a very good midfield (I don't see a midfield without Titov as much of a downer, would have been nice to have Izmailov but maybe this will be the game where Semak, Arshavin, etc. get more of a chance to show what they are made of) -- who knows? Ireland has the experience and talent edge, of course, but Russia has the home field and the younger forwards should be able to duplicate the pace of the Irish attack.
  3. Zenit

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    Jun 3, 2000
    Above the Tear Line
    Zenit St Petersburg
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    United States
    Popov, Pimenov, & Dayev all scratched because of injury. Won't be anyone left for the match, if this keeps up.
  4. VLAD

    VLAD New Member

    Jan 11, 2001
    Zenit, what is the projected line-up. Can you list by position and club team. Also, maybee the bench.

    Frankly, as the underdogs (if Russia realizes this) the Russian team has a chance. If they go in overconfident all is lost.

    I see a tie 0-0. However, it there is a goal, if will be for Ireland and we could loose 3-0.

    Anyway, as you said, if Mostovoi is playing we have creativity and that is something Russia lacked at the WC.
  5. Zenit

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    Jun 3, 2000
    Above the Tear Line
    Zenit St Petersburg
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Find a place to watch the game tomorrow:


    In Minneapolis:

    O'Donovan's (downtown, right next to Target Center)
    700 First Avenue North
    Minneapolis, MN 55403
    Telephone: 612.317.8896

    $20 charge ($#@!ing Sentana); doors open @ 9:30 AM Central.

    In Washington, DC:

    Search Results:
    Fado (DC)
    Address 808 7th St
    City Washington, DC 20001
    Phone 202-789-0066

    Rock, The
    Address 717 6th Street NW
    City Washington, DC 20001
    Phone 1-202-842-7625

    Flanagan's (Bethesda)
    Address 7637 Old Georgetown Road
    City Bethesda, MD 20814
    Phone 1-301-986-1007


    Fado (Chicago)
    Address 100 West Grand
    City Chicago, IL 60610
    Phone 1-312-836-0066

    Abbey Pub
    Address 3420 West Grace
    City Chicago, IL 60618
    Phone 773-478-4408

    Johnny O'Hagan's
    Address 3374 North Clark St
    City Chicago, IL 60657
    Phone 773-248-3600


    Nevada Smiths
    Address 74 - 3rd Avenue
    City NY, NY 10003
    Phone 212-982-2591 ext 11
    Distance 0.52 miles (approx.)

    McCormack's Pub
    Address 365 3rd Avenue
    City NY, NY 10016
    Phone 1-212-683-0911
    Distance 1.72 miles (approx.)

    San Francisco:

    Kezar Pub, The
    Address 770 Stanyan Street
    City San Francisco, CA 94117
    Phone 415-386-9292
    Distance 1.78 miles (approx.)

    Martin Mack's
    Address 1568 Haight St
    City San Francisco, CA 94117
    Phone 415-864-0124
    Distance 1.78 miles (approx.)

    Abbey Tavern
    Address 4100 Geary Boulevard
    City San Francisco, CA 94118
    Phone 415-221-7767


    Fado (Philadelphia)
    Address 1500 Locust Street
    City Philadelphia, PA 19102
    Phone 1-215-893-9700
    Distance 1.73 miles (approx.)

    Dark Horse, The (FKA Dickins Inn)
    Address 421 South 2nd Street
    City Philadelphia, PA 19147
    Phone 1-215-928-9307

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